McAfee Vault won’t lock- How to fix it?

McAfee activate Vault or File Lock enables you to save private records in a safe and sophisticated vault on your computer and mobile phone. This is also helpful to protect a shared network drive or on external devices, such as a USB drive, CD/ DVD. When you store files in McAfee vault, they change into encrypted formats, which makes them invisible. Users cannot access it without a password.

mcafee vault

The software is not available for a trial version. Therefore, it is mandatory to have an account on along with a paid version of McAfee vault product.

Why do you need McAfee File lock/ Vault for security?

  • Allows you to restrict the access of unwanted users
  • Lock the files and folders securely
  • Keeps the data in encrypted forms for greater protection
  • DisapprovesĀ  access without password
  • Makes file invisible from other locations
  • Compatible with mobile and computer

So, make sure to buy a plan and proceed to safeguard your personal data from the suspicious way in. In case you do not have an active subscription, you will not be able to get such services. Thus, locate your activate code at and proceed with the steps below.

Please note that the information below for the McAfee mobile security app and may not work on a computer.

How do I fix McAfee vault when it fails to lock?

  1. Tap on McAfee activate icon to open the app
  2. Make sure you are logged in to your account
  3. Press Navigation, then go to General settings & Alerts
  4. Select Access Protection from the options
  5. Tap and unmarked the box and click Apply
  6. Close McAfee app and attempt locking the Vault
  7. Once done, make sure you re-enable Access Protection regardless of the changes

In case of any query, get in touch with the official McAfee activate support team.

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