Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio 17.4 Full – Create visual effects

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Software Introduction

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio compositing program in the world is designed for visual effect artists, motion graphics designers, and 3D animators. Fusion has been used in thousands of Hollywood blockbusters, TV shows, and television commercials for over 30 years.

Fusion is a powerful interface with a button-based design that lets you quickly and easily create complex images by connecting different types of image manipulation software! The range of tools is incredible, with VR and 3D, GPU-accelerated performance, network rendering, and unlimited options! Fusion allows you to create dynamic broadcasts, with dramatic titles and even main visual effects from feature films!

What’s new in Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio

You can now save your Fusion compositions as templates and use them on the Edit or Crop page!

When you edit the animation duration, the new Animation Curve Modifier will automatically reset their duration.

Waveform rendering and audio playback make it easy to create precise timed animations. Markers can be shared with the editing page.

The Fusion page now includes 27 Resolve FX GPUs, noise reduction, and sharpening features from the color page.

The node editor now supports vertical layouts and can be customized to include your favorite tools.

Features of Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio

Customize templates to create your own effects

Mix effect templates allow you to create any effect possible and apply it to clips in the Edit and Trim page! Create a layout and save it as a macro. Then, specify the parameters that you wish to display, then save it at the right location. Drag the Fusion effect to any clip from the library!

Automatic Retime Animations

You can easily add bounce, reflection, or repeat animations to your compositions by using the animation curve modifier. The animations will change automatically as the composition’s duration changes. If you drag Fusion titles or effects onto the timeline and then change the duration of the composition, the animation will automatically adjust!

Audio Synchronization Animations

Fusion pages now allow you to crop the page or play audio from the timeline. You can either listen to audio from the source clip or choose a mix on the timeline. The keyframe editor displays waveforms, so you can create animations that are precisely timed to the audio!

Custom vector shapes

Vector shapes make it easier to create motion graphics! With ellipses and rectangles as well as polygons and stars plus boolean operators, you can combine shapes into intricate designs. Grid, jitter, and offset allow you to customize your animations. You can use shapes as a source for beads!

FX resolution-accelerated GPU

Fusion has 27 new GPUs that accelerate Resolve FX. There are also tools for color page sharpening, noise reduction, lens blur, lighting effects, and color effects. Also included are tools for textures, stylization, time effects, beautify, and bending.

Personalize your workflow

Bookmarks for the node trees allow you to navigate quickly to any part of a large layout. You can quickly change toolbars depending on the task you are performing with customizable toolbars. Vertical node tree layout allows you to have more room for the spline editor and keyframe editor when animating.


Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio

Download the link for high speed

Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio Full Active


Google Drive

(You can download Veryfiles the high-speed links)


Install it. Install “Fusion Studio”, then “Fusion Render Node”.

Enable Full feature.


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