ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13.2 – Design and build mind maps

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Software introduction

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13.2, a leading software for mind mapping, offers a complete suite of tools to save time when designing and building mind maps. Create a visual mind map to illustrate your thought process. Organize data and ideas with an easy-to-use, flexible, and comprehensive productivity tool. Create documents in a wide range of styles and formats. Create presentations from mind maps, and export them into MS PowerPoint or web pages. Ideal for project planning, brainstorming, note-taking, and more. Plan, organize, and communicate with creativity.


ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13.2


ConceptDraw MindMap helps you focus on the important information in your project by using mind map filters. Filtering helps display relevant data by temporarily removing unneeded entries. Filters are extremely useful when analyzing data for projects. You can filter mind maps based on topics, notes, and icons. ConceptDraw MindMap Version 13 allows you to filter your mind maps by themes, icons, annotations, and hyperlinks.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP is a powerful visualization tool with over 20 pre-installed themes and the option to create custom themes. Create a mind-map template quickly for the meeting schedules and reports of your organization. The “Color Schemes” feature allows you to quickly update and coordinate Map Theme colors. By selecting an embedded palette, you can change the color scheme of the current Map Theme for the mind map. ConceptDraw MindMap allows you to easily add graphics to your map. This will make it more engaging. The tool’s graphic control panel makes it easy to add images to mind maps. Visuals add creativity, functionality, and a unique look to your mind map. Images can be added to any part on the map.

ConceptDraw Version 13 provides tools to quickly create slideshows. The MINDMAP tool does not make it easier to create presentations. The visual features enable you to select the mind map areas that will be included on each slide. Drag and drop views to order the slides. Once the slide sequence has been completed, it is easy to switch to the presentation preview. The presentation can then be exported into MS PowerPoint and shared with your team or the rest of the world.

ConceptDraw MindMap v13 is a new generation of mind-mapping software that breaks the boundaries for both project managers and mind mappers. It allows data exchange between Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, and ConceptDraw PROJECT v12 as well as MindManager, XMind, FreeMind, and MindManager. MINDMAP v13 can also export files in ConceptDraw DIAGRAM format v15.

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High-speed download link

ConceptDraw MINDMAP 13 Full Active


Veryfiles | Uploading | Google Drive

(You can download the high-speed link at Mostfiles)



Install the software after extracting with Winrar.

Block outgoing connections with Windows Firewall

Use the software only if you have “Run as administrator” permission.



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