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Software Introduction

CoolUtils PDF Combine allows merging multiple PDFs into one through a transparent user interface. PDF Combine Pro combines multiple pdfs from multiple folders in just a few clicks.

  • Combine PDF files
  • Create a Clickable Contents Table
  • Combine PDF files into folders
  • Merge PDF files using the common name part
  • Create bookmarks
  • Add Cover
  • Add Page Counter
  • How to remove blank pages from scan files
  • Attach MP3 Tracks
  • Add blank pages to duplex printing.
  • The Pro version combines Word, XLS (Excel), TIFF, and JPEG files into one PDF.

CoolUtils PDF Combine Pro’s Unique Options

  • CoolUtils Pdf Combine Pro allows you to combine PDF documents offline in any way that you require. There is no more versatile software. It can handle large jobs as well as the most complex of PDF files.
  • Combining PDF files into folders is easy.
  • Combine PDF files using part
  • PDF Combiner allows you to add a page counter on every page of a combined file.
  • Your digital signature can be added to PDF output files.
  • You always know where you are in the process. To combine two files, you can bypass advanced settings.
  • Coolutils PDF Combiner will automatically too. Create your own clickable table of content by using your own filename, title, or text file. You can also use the command line to create a clickable table of contents.
  • Add a watermark text to the header and footer of your PDF output to prevent unauthorized use (your company name, copyright information, or QR codes).
  • Using a duplex printer? PDF Combiner is a program that solves the issue of duplex printing PDF files with an odd number of pages. The program adds blank pages to files with odd numbers of pages. The next file will not be printed on the reverse of the previous one.
  • You can view PDF files at their original size or scale.
  • The application can also encrypt a PDF file using a password, or assign user permissions.
  • Add your own cover page to multiple PDF files. This works for reports, ebooks, and presentations. Use either the custom page or the first page from the list.

How to merge PDF documents using CoolUtils

  1. Install PDF Combin.
  2. Choose the folder containing the PDF files from the tree of directories on the left.
  3. Select the files you wish to combine from the middle panel. Drag and drop the files to the correct order. You can save the list of files you have combined and restore it at a later date. This is useful when you need to upload multiple files.
  4. Click on the Combine to PDF button.
  5. Install the wizard using one of several overlays. Some overlays are required (i.e. Some are mandatory (i.e. Make sure to check each step and make sure that you haven’t missed anything.
  6. Once you are done, click the Start button. PDF Combine will not delete the source files until you have made a special selection before pressing Start. PDF Combine will combine the files and display the destination folder, log file and the result. The final window shows you how many files have been processed, and if any errors occurred. The log file will be updated if the program encounters a problem. By default, the destination folder is opened in File Explorer.
  7. We are 100 percent sure that PDF Combine will be a fantastic application.



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CoolUtils Pro PDF Combine 4.2.0 Full Version

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CoolUtils PDF Combine


  1. Install the software by extracting it.
  2. After installation, exit the program.
  3. The Patched File will be copied to the Software Installation folder.
  4. Firewall 4: Blocking software.
  5. Done.

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