Corel PaintShop Pro 2021 full Download – Installation instructions

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1. What is Corel PaintShop Professional 2021?

Corel PaintShop Pro 2021 is a graphics software that specializes in editing vector files. It also includes a rater update for 2020. Corel Corporation invested a lot of money to develop this software to give users the best results.

It is not yet widely known, and so many people are unaware of its features. The software is evolving to become more modern. Paintshop has many powerful Ai features.

Paintshop Pro 2021 offers a wide range of editing tools. With just a few easy steps, you can increase the size of an image without losing color quality.

Users can restore old photos and create true colors. AI Artifact removal and other automatic features, such as AI Artifact Removing, can also remove blurry images with a single click. Your photos will look more realistic with the AI.

Special features Paintshop Pro 2021

This tool is a powerful one with the following features:

  • Photo restoration and color editing tools for photos.
  • Useful and simple tools
  • Support for vector and raster image creation
  • Support for many plugins similar to Photoshop
  • Image processing can be improved by using AI (artificial intelligence)
  • Create special effects such as depth, fade. . .
  • Create a creative and professional environment
  • Lightweight and fluid, it works on multiple platforms

This is just a tiny part of Pain1shop’s 2021 features.

Corel PaintShop Pro 2021

2. Corel PaintShop 2021 Configuration

The software can be used to create a system such as the one shown below:

  • Operating System:
Windows 7/8/10 32-bit 64-bit latest version
  • Chips:
Intel or AMD clocks at 2.0 hz
  • Ram:
Minimum 4Gb
  • Hard drive
Install 2 Gb of free software
  • VGA:
Directx 9 2 Gb Support
  • Screen Resolution :
1368 x 768 or higher
  • Attention
The higher the configuration the better the performance


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3. Download Corel Paint Shop Pro v2021 full crack

File size: 1.2GB

4. Corel PaintShop Pro 2021 installation guide

The easiest way is to buy the license key for the software you want to use. If you prefer to use the instructions below, please follow them.

Please follow the steps below after downloading the installation file:

  1. If available, turn off your anti-virus software!
  2. Windows Defender ( See how to turn it Off here)
  3. Unzip the installation file: phanmemcntt
  4. Disconnect the internet from your computer

Perform the following steps.

Step 1. After you extract the 1.2 Gb files, you’ll get a folder with two subfolders: Setup, and Crap.

Click on the Setup.exe File (Right click + Run as Administrator)

Step 3: Select Next and check Agree.

Step 4: Tap Options and uncheck Product Updates

Step 4: Recall the software installation directory. Select Install now

Step 5: After the software has been installed, click Finish.

Step 6 – Cracking the HTML0 software

Copy the file strong>Corel Painshop Pro.exe/strong> from the folder you extracted earlier. Copy the file Corel Painshop Professional.exe.

This file is in the directory where you installed your software (step ).
There is usually a way:

C:\Program File \Corel\ Corel Paintshop Pro 2021 (x64)

Choose the image below to continue.

Step 7: Block the internet connection of the software (required).


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