CST STUDIO SUITE 2019 SP3 – Electronic Board Design Software

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Software Introduction 

The most accurate and efficient electromagnetic design solution is the CST STUDIO SUITE 2019. CST tools are included for design and optimization devices that operate in a wide spectrum of frequencies, from static to optical. The analyses may include circuit simulations and thermal and mechanical effects.

The CST Studio Suite is a high-performance three-dimensional electromagnetic analysis package that allows for the design, optimization, and analysis of electromagnetic components and systems.



EM analysis includes a wide range of topics, including antenna and filter performance, electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMC/EMI), the human body’s exposure to the EM field, electromechanical effects on motors and generators as well as thermal effects.

Leading technology and engineering companies in the world use CST Studio suite. It provides a significant advantage in the market, reduces costs, and facilitates faster development cycles. Virtual prototyping is possible with simulation. The performance of the device can be optimized. Potential compliance issues can be identified and mitigated as early as possible in the design phase.

CST SUITE contains the following modules

  • CST MICROWAVE (r) (CST-MWS) is a leading tool in Time Domain Simulation and enables fast and accurate simulations of high-frequency devices. It allows for quick and accurate analysis on antennas, filters and couplings as well as multilayer and planar structures, SI and EMC effects, etc.
  • CST EM Studio (r) (CST EMS), is a simple tool that allows the design and analysis for static and low-frequency EM devices such as motors. sensors, actuators. transformers.
  • CST PARTICLE Studio (r) (CSTPS) was developed to simulate freely moving charged particle in a perfect consistency. Applications include cathode-ray tubes, wake zones, magnetrons and electron guns.
  • CST CABLE Studio (r) (CSTCS) is a simulation tool for cable EMC/EMI and signal integrity.
  • CST PCB (r) STUDIO (CST PCBS), simulates signal integrity, EMC/EMI and EMI on printed circuit board.
  • CST MPHYSICS STUDIO (CST MPS) for thermal and Mechanical Stress Analysis
  • CST DESIGN STUDIO ™ is a powerful tool that allows you to create 3D EM/circuit synthesis and simulation.

High-speed download link

CST Studio Suite 2019 SP3 Full active

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  • Copy the “CST_patch.exe”, into your installation directory, and run it with administrator rights.
  • Wait until it finishes. Copy “CST_patch.exe”, run as administrator and copy the file to your installation folder.
    Open “license.dat”, replace YOUR_HOST by Your Computer Name, and save.
  • Open “License.dat”, replace YOUR_HOST by your computer name and save.
    Start CST Licensing Manager. Click “New license file” and select “license.dat”, then click “Start service”
  • (Start CST license manager, click “New Licence File” and choose “License.dat”, then click “Start services”)
    CST Studio Suite 2019: Select “Point to an existing CST License” server system, input your computer’s name as Server and click “OK”.
  • Enter your computer’s name in the “Server” field when you start CST Studio Suite 2019. Click “OK”.



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