Don’t Sleep 8.61 Full/Portable – Prevents system shutdown

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Software Introduction 

Don’t Sleep 8.61 is a free Windows program that prevents Shutdown, Standby, and Hibernation.

You should consider this when you are running Windows 10, 8.1, or other versions. See more Power saving features New rules are in place.


Not only that, but it also prevents you from logging into the computer or turning off the display or activating a screensaver.

You can disable and re-enable all the options manually, but don’t sleep will help you save time and do a lot less work. It’s now easier than ever.

Don’t Sleep has a built-in timer that allows you to unlock control time and shut down your computer for a specific time.

Don’t Sleep helps you to better understand Windows power options in all MS Windows operating systems!

Features of the Don’t Sleep Software

* Don’t sleep does not affect the power-saving options of the system
* Power off, restart, log off, restart: this feature allows you to power off the device, then restart it.
* Schedule a computer shutdown for a specific time.
A timer will prevent the window from being left open!
* Sleeping and traffic network shutdown
No burden on the CPU
Small size
Easy to use
Free Software

Don't Sleep 8.61

Download the link for high-speed files from the home page

Don’t Sleep Full/Portable

Installing the product Don’t Sleep 8.61 

Install and use


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