Download DevExpress Universal 21.2.5 Complete

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Software Introduction

DevExpress Universal 21.2.5 enables you to solve complex business problems and deliver high-performance user experiences across different development platforms and computing devices. DevExpress offers full-featured controls for user interfaces, reporting systems that are business-ready, automated web-testing tools, and frameworks for business applications.

DevExpress Universal offers dozens of new features and enhancements to the user interface so that you can create your best software without any limitations. Technology that helps you create your best software. View complex software more clearly, increase productivity, and create stunning touch-enabled apps for Windows Web and platforms. Next generation mobile

DevExpress Universal 21.2.5 l Key Features

Desktop Development Tools (WinForms).

  • WinForms DataGrid – Kanban View Enhanced and Hot-Track Highlighting
  • WinForms charts – extensive customization options
  • WinForms Reports: New Report Localization Editor
  • WinForms – Gantt supports interactive editing and action dependencies
  • WinForms tree-list – hot tracking row markers, and new data entry elements
  • And many more:

Desktop Development Tools (WPF).

  • .NET Core improvements
  • WPF Data Grid – Virtual data source editing support
  • WPF Data Grid & TreeList – Advanced Filters Panel
  • WPF Rich Text Editor – Table Extension and Footnote/Endnote Support
  • WPF Spreadsheet: Improved print rendering and PDF export
  • WPF Pivot grid – New Filters Panel and Advanced Filter options
  • And many more:

Web Development (ASP.NET MVC, Blazor Bootstrap & ASP.NET core)

  • ASP.NET Diagrams – 40+ customizable diagram shapes
  • ASP.NET Gantt includes task dependency and built-in data binding support
  • ASP.NET Data Grid – Extended summary calculation support
  • ASP.NET pivot grid – New filter table and group Interval
  • ASP.NET Rich Text Editor – client-side WYSIWYG PDF export
  • Blazor: a growing list of features
  • And many more:

Web Development (jQuery Angular React Vue & Vue, React, & Angular)

  • JavaScript Data Grid: Improved Excel Export API
  • JavaScript File Manager – Includes fully configurable UI Elements
  • JavaScript Gantt includes integrated Task Management, Resource Management and Dependency Management
  • React Scheduler supports resource management and event grouping.
  • Excel Export API – React Grid
  • And much more:

Mobile Development (Xamarin. Forms)

  • New Xamarin Data editor and Data forms
  • New bar graph and logarithmic scale
  • Updated Xamarin Data Grid now supports drag and drop, multi-row cell layout and more.
  • And many more:

DevExpress Universal 21.2.5

High-speed download link DevExpress Universal 21.2.5

DevExpress Universal Comple 21.2.5 full

Back link:

Veryfiles | Fshare | Google Drive

(You can download the high speed link at Mostfiles)


Another Version

DevExpress Universal Comple 21.2.3 full

Back link:

Veryfiles | Google Drive


Other Software: FileZilla Pro 3.60.2


1. Install DevExpress to test it.
2. Close any VisualStudio or DevExpress processes
3. You can generate a license using our Keygen.
4. Use our Keygen for the necessary files.
5. Enjoy!


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