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Today, computers and their tools are constantly being updated and modernized. iMindMap 11 is one of these mind-mapping programs. It is the most innovative tool on the market today. With its intuitive interface and vibrant color system, it allows us to create diagrams and maps of all types more quickly and easily. iMindMap categorizes ideas, thoughts, and outcomes in a way that is so intuitive, it almost seems like magic. iMindMap 11 lets you create mind maps using computer tools, just like a visual map. hand.

iMindMap 11 is the best app for promoting, improving, and perfecting visual reasoning. It offers users great features and outstanding innovations.  iMindMap, the leader in mind mapping software, never stagnates, and it is always improving.


The same features as iMindMap 10. Update some new features at the same time to help users create faster and more beautiful maps.


iMindMap’s unique, intelligent, and organic interface will bring you closer than ever to the hand-drawn mind map. iMindMap also offers a speed mode that allows you to quickly back up your ideas by having iMindMap arrange and draw map topics so you can focus on input.

iMindMap 11

View Presentation

iMindMap’s presentation mode is a sophisticated design that dynamically adjusts maps to grow branch-by-branch. This keeps the maps clear, uncluttered and catches the audience’s eye. iMindMap 11 offers a useful online view that allows your viewers to see your notes more easily.

Popular Topics

Alt-T keyboard commands allow users to easily join their ideas to the map. Your thinking. Drag and drop the floating topics to existing branches in your mind map when you are ready to organize your thoughts. It takes too long.


iMindMap hides the rest of the mind map when you select an important branch. It treats the branch selected as a central idea. iMindMap lets you focus on the main idea first without distractions. This feature is considered one of the best features of mind-mapping software.


Most mind-mapping software allows users to export and import data from other programs. iMindMap only works with Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and Adobe Illustrator, as well as sketch-based software through the OPML standard (outline processor Markup Language).


iMindMap full crack lets users add intricately drawn shapes and branches to their mind maps displayed on a whiteboard or tablet. You can sketch freely, which is something that other programs do not allow.

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Notes Audio

iMindMap’s audio notes feature allows you to record your voice, and then attach it to branches on the map. This feature allows you to save time by not having to type all the details about your idea in the branches of the mind map. Just record an audio clip, add it to the map and you are done. correction. You can export them as .wav to use and share outside the program.


You can share any part of your map without having to export it. You can also capture part of or the entire map, and then paste it into another software. It’s really convenient, isn’t it?

HOW TO DOWNLOAD IMINDMAP 11 FULL Crack Software and Install it

Download iMindMap 10.


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