FastStone Capture 9.7 Full Download and install 2023

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What is Faststone Capture?

FastStone Capture 9.7 supports screen capture, recording, and image editing. It can be used to write text, reduce image size, or insert logos on images. Screen capture in modern modes is flexible and allows you to extract images quickly. You can also save them in multiple formats. You don’t need to search for other photo software that has many modes. FastStone Capture will be a good choice for you.



FastStone Capture allows you to rotate, print, crop, zoom and save images in multiple formats. It’s fun to add some drawings on top of the photos I took before. This makes me happy. FastStone Capture allows you to do all of this quickly and easily, such as adding text labels or arrows without having to open the screenshot.

SETTINGS FOR FastStone Capture 9.7

The Capture Tab in the Settings dialog is a small but useful feature of FastStone Capture. This Tab will give you many options when Windows starts. The Windows System Tray can be used as an automatic minimizer.


Hotkeys are a great way to save time. They’re also easy to remember. The most common hotkeys are Alt + PrintScreen and Ctrl + PrinterScreen. You can change shortcuts for PrintScreen to any modifier key. Pressing the spacebar will disable PrintScreen, which is very useful if you want to capture FastStone dialogs.

FastStone Capture 9.7


Choose a photo editing app to open the file in an external application. You must select a folder to save a file. It is faster to open the destination folder. The other option is to copy the file to the Windows clipboard.

Names for HANDY FILE

You want to save several snapshots in a single file? A filename pattern is available to make it easier to save multiple snapshots into a single file. It can be automated so that every time you capture a screenshot, the FastStone Editor is not displayed. The saved filename templates are useful when you need to quickly pick up work that you have missed.


Direct uploading to the capture server can be very helpful for users. No longer will you need to use the FTP software. FastStone Capture allows you to upload your files by entering the details of the upload and the password that you set up. The process is automated and can be done quickly and easily.


You will probably be most interested in the effects menu. You will find many things here! You will find a lot of things here, including reflections, shadows and sketches. There are also negatives, grayscales, oil paintings, sepias, blurs, greyscales, blurs, and many more. You only have to select a part of your photo in order to perform privacy hiding.


You can close or minimize a program using the Close button in the FastStone editor. When you save a capture to a file, the program will automatically close. You can, however, leave the window open to continue working if desired. FastStone’s Capture Editor is more than a mini-graphics editor.


Click here to display the toolbar that will help you with the process. Click here to select the shooting area.


Want to magnify the screen so you can see more details? The screen magnifier can be found right within FastStone Capture. Peace of mind, indeed! The screen magnifier is the best screen magnifier. You can now see everything in great detail. You can also precisely position the screen area using the screen magnifier. This magnifier allows you to make changes. In the settings, you can alter elements such as size, shape, zoom factor, and sound mode.

Quick Spin

FastStone Capture has an editing menu that allows you to quickly capture any image. What does that mean? There are many options in the edit menu: horizontal and vertical flip, left or right rotation, sliders to rotate any angle, etc.

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Save Image

Save the image by clicking the “Save” button. When saving an image, use PNG. It will not be lost regardless of how large the objective error is. Click the Options button to open the dialog for saving images.

Default settings will allow for in-process optimization of saving screenshots. You should not use flash and instead save the image. Click the drop-down menu Filters and select the Paeth option if you enjoy the filters.

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