Is the free trial version of McAfee is as safe a subscribed one?

There is no doubt on how powerful McAfee antivirus is and due to the fact, the security software has gained countless users across the world. The US-based cyber security firm keeps involved in developing security measures as per the change in technology. Sharing the compatibility with Windows-based operating systems, Mac OS, Android, iOS, and Blueberry, the software delivers services for every need.

Users often confuse to choose between trying a free trial version and subscribing to a product. In the cases, your device and data will remain safe. Nevertheless, when you go with the option of trying the software for free, you get the active features for 30 days. Once you complete the period of free trial, you will need to activate.

Mcafee Antivirus

McAfee antivirus to activate the features and security layers on your mobile and computer.

A basic difference –

  • Only a few of the products come for trial version whereas you get a big complete range of McAfee product for subscription
  • Depending on your subscription plan, you can secure multiple devices with a single purchase. While on the other hand, you need to install the software individually.

Which protects better- Free or subscribed McAfee?

Now, it is significant to have a subscribed version of McAfee software in order to maintain the protection of your data. Considering an example- You have installed McAfee antivirus on your PC, you will get complete protection until you exceed the validity period. The software will scan the device and remove the risk. You will even receive alerts when any external device connects to the main device and the software will auto detect viruses and remove them. However, once you exceed the one month validity time, you may not get any of these services.

Users with inactive or no antivirus are highly exposed to cybercrimes. To subscribe to the antivirus software, you need to execute a few simple steps that include creating an account on, purchasing a product, and then activating it. Your device and data will get all the comprehensive set of security layers. If you are an internet user, go for products that deliver protection against online risks.

To download the product from the genuine source, visit and create your account. To create an account, click on the McAfee icon and you will be directed to the home page. From here, choose a product after checking the attributes and purchase to get McAfee activate.

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