Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Pro/Enterprise/Technician 8.7 Full

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Software intoduction

Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Pro provides easy-to-use encryption software to protect important data on your PC. Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere Pro is able to Encrypt and Decrypt volumes greater than 2TB, which are used by businesses. The software is compatible with all Windows versions from 7 to 11. It is easy to encrypt the drive. Just right-click on the drive you want to protect and an encryption wizard will launch. You will be guided through the entire process.

Hasleo BitLocker : Key Features

Encrypt Windows C drive or data partitions with BitLocker

Hasleo BitLocker Anywhere implements advanced features and is fully compatible with Microsoft BitLocker.

  1. Users can choose whether to encrypt all space on the drive or only use space.
  2. The user can choose the encryption strength (either 128 bits or 256 bits).
  3. Select compatible encryption modes (AES-CBC or XTS-AES).
  4. Users can boot Windows 7 using a USB drive or password to encrypt the operating system.


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Decrypt BitLocker encrypted drive

Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 Pro & Home editions are able to read and write BitLocker-encrypted drives by default. However, they cannot decrypt BitLocker-encrypted drives. Hasleo BitLockerAnywhere is a BitLocker Decryption tool that helps decrypt BitLocker-encrypted drives (FAT12/16/32/exFAT/NTFS), in Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 Pro Editions.

Hasleo BitLocker pro

Change the BitLocker password

BitLocker users should change their passwords periodically to prevent data leakage. You can change the BitLocker password on Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 Pro and Windows 10 Home Editions with Hasleo BitLockerAnywhere.

Export BitLocker Recovery Key & Boot Key

Hasleo BitLocker anywhere can be used to export the BitLocker boot key or recovery key (.BEK) from an encrypted BitLocker drive.

Lock and unlock BitLocker-encrypted drives easily

In Windows you can double-click the drive letter in Windows Explorer and then enter the password to unlock the drive but to lock the drive you have to use the command line program (management-bde.exe), This is inconvenient for us. Hasleo BitLocker can lock and unlock BitLocker-encrypted drives quickly and easily in a GUI.

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Hasleo BitLocker Pro 8.7 + Enterprise + Technician Full Active


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