Helicon Focus Pro 8.0.3 Full – Focus Stacking

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Introduction to

Helicon Focus Pro, stacking focus software, allows you to achieve results on your camera that are impossible with tilt-shift lenses. Helicon Focus can combine multiple images taken at different distances to create a single intelligently focused photo.

Focus stacking is a must-have for today’s micro, jewelry, and close-up photography. Helicon Focus can make any image stand out, whether it’s landscapes, flowers, or animals.

In the last few years, the digital revolution has enabled professional photography equipment to be widely accessible and affordable. It is now the advanced technology that makes a difference. Simple photos are gradually being replaced by more advanced and sophisticated technologies such as HDR and EDoF.

It is hard to imagine macro and micro photography today without the focusing technique. Focus stacking is a technique that both professional photographers and amateurs use to create striking images.

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Helicon Focus Pro Features

Accurate display colors

  • The 16-bit precision processing of images preserves colors and details beyond the dynamic range provided by the camera sensor. Support for color profiles ensures accurate color reproduction, and that color information is retained in the output file.

Easy and efficient RAW development

  • It’s never been easier to process RAW files! Open RAW files with Helicon Focus, or export them directly from Lightroom. The fully adjustable development controls and built-in codecs will satisfy even the most demanding users.

Advanced Processing Algorithms

  • Helicon Focus is now the de facto standard for focus alignment. Each processed stack is based on computing algorithms. Our team of R&D engineers, software developers and designers are always at the forefront of innovation and inspired to do the impossible.

Advanced Interpolation Options

  • Helicon Focus utilizes the most advanced sampling algorithm to preserve every detail.

Multi-core processing

  • Helicon Focus is up to date with the latest advances, utilizing all of the power available in last-generation processors. Software uses all cores to process images, which reduces rendering time.

The stack length is not a limitation

  • Helicon Focus can handle stacks of hundreds or even thousands of high-resolution photos. Even a laptop on the field is able to handle large RAW files with this software.

64-bit support

  • Have a Pinnacle Workstation? Helicon Focus uses 100% of the memory and processor power.

Make the most of your processor

  • Helicon Focus detects and displays the type of processor, as well as all features available. Modern processor instructions are used to manage all data operations (SSE2, SSE2, FMA3, AVX).

RAW in DNG mode

  • Helicon Focus allows you to process RAW images in their original color space, and then save the results as DNG files.

Helicon Focus Pro

Download link for high speed

Helicon Focus Pro 8.0.3 Full Active


  1. Install the software by extracting it.
  2. After installation, exit the program.
  3. Copy the Patched Files (_HeliconFocus.exe & HeliconFocus.exe), to the Software Installation. Default:
  4. C:\Program Files\Helicon Software\Helicon Focus 8
  5. Firewall 4: Blocking software.
  6. Done.

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