How to Rectify McAfee Antivirus Error 10054? Solved in Detail

It has been observed recently that a new error is taking rounds among McAfee antivirus users – Error 10054. This error, after you download and install any of the McAfee suites from, reads that “McAfee has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.” We looked into the matter and found the cause of this error. The Error 10054 occurs when McAfee Antivirus scanning is enabled on the gateway or firewall.

The McAfee Agent on the affected PC trying to use a completely different account as opposed to the PC account is one of the reasons users face this error. Other technical reasons include gateway creating problems on McAfee data .zip or .tar file as the ReadMe.txt file includes the EICAR antivirus check string. There could be an issue with the Windows version or registry file too. There may be corrupted or broken system files.

Let’s look at them below:

  1. Corrupt download or incomplete installation of the McAfee Antivirus computer code.
  2. Virus or malware invasion corrupting Windows system files or McAfee program files.

Steps to Resolve Error 10054

We hereby tell you a few simple steps to eliminate Error 10054 so that you can smoothly go ahead with your McAfee activate process. Before beginning troubleshooting, ensure that you should use the same account for each System. Now, let’s get down to the steps:

Step 1. Ensure all device drivers are updated.

Step 2. Disable the detection of the EICAR test file.

Step 3. Run the McAfee Pre Install tool.

Step 4. Fix DNS errors, if any.

Step 5. Repair written record entries related to the error.

Step 6. Run a full malware PC scan.

Step 7. Clean up junk files (temporary files and folders) on your system.

Step 8. Use the Windows System Restore function to ‘Undo’ any recent system changes.

Step 9: Run Windows system file checker (SFC/scan now)

If the issue persists, you can re-download the McAfee setup and reinstall with the product key on

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