McAfee Diagnose and Repair tool to fix issues with McAfee Activate Products

When you come back home after a stressful day and find out your system is at risk. It would further dishearten you needlessly. If you already have McAfee Activate antivirus installed in your PC, and it detects a problem that says, “Your system is at risk” with an exclamation mark, also the Protection status of your system security changes from green to either red or grey, then it’s time to run McAfee diagnose and repair tool to beat the issue.

Visit to download  McAfee Activate diagnose and repair tool.     

It would instantly give you a searing pain in the head as your McAfee Activate Firewall is also disabled from this issue, and your system is open to virus and malware attacks, or something worse.

If you don’t have an existing McAfee account, then go to and create a new account to download the program.

Such an issue is very common for a home PC. It can occur for any of the reasons mentioned below:

  • Your McAfee firewall is disabled, it’s very common and could be the root cause of the message
  • Your McAfee Firewall is not installed properly, but available for installation.
  • Your McAfee Firewall is not installed. It is not available for installation.

McAfee firewall protection enables you to create and manage access permission for new and existing programs that require inbound/outbound online connectivity to your computer. It allows you to give access to programs that are safe for your computer system. It protects your system from virus, malware and unauthorized programs and can be easily downloaded from


At this point, download and execute the McAfee Diagnose and Repair tool to get rid of such issues.

McAfee Diagnose and Repair Tool such as McAfee Virtual technician is an automated tool, which can locate and resolve many of the most common issues that are affecting your McAfee Activate products. After your computer scanning process is complete, you’ll be offered the ability to automatically resolve any detected issue that hinders your system abilities. Download the software from to manage all your issues with McAfee products.

Here are some the most common McAfee Diagnose and Repair Tools to troubleshoot any issue with your McAfee products:

  • McAfee Virtual Technician
  • ePO-MVT
  • WebMER
  • ePO-MER
  • McAfee profiler and many more;

You can also choose to fix the issue manually but before you get into the action, make sure you do not have any other antivirus security program installed or active on your computer. It might conflict with your McAfee antivirus. If you find it difficult to resolve the issue, you can contact the McAfee customer care support services, via or call us anytime.

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