How to monitor your protection status with McAfee Security Scan Plus?

With the help of innovative McAfee Active Protection technology, McAfee Security Scan Plus as being a diagnostic application can actively check your computer’s up-to-date security status, firewall protection, web security and scans it for issues. McAfee Security Scan Plus is a one-stop solution to detect viruses, malware, Trojans and infected files, if you’re uncertain which of them are troubling your system’s overall performance.

Whatever activities your computer takes on might be sabotaged under the growing influence of online threats and malicious downloads. You will need to identify the threats and take necessary steps to remove it before it overpowers your security platforms and brings down your PC’s speed and accuracy. McAfee Security Scan Plus automatically scans your browse history for suspicious contents and blocks all sort of risky downloads so you don’t have to do it manually.

How does McAfee Security Scan Plus present your security status report?

Once the scanning process concludes, McAfee Security Scan Plus tool generates a report enclosed with the details regarding the presence and status of your anti-virus, anti-malware McAfee protection. If the report indicates a clean state, then the status will show “No Issues Found” you can close the tool and relax in peace. However, if it detects a threat, McAfee Security Scan Plus provides security recommendations in the light of position available solutions to resolve the issue.

Here are five status types you might get to see in the protection bar, or McAfee Security Scan Plus Report, after the scan is complete:

  • Your PC is at Risk:

It simply indicates that your PC’s virus or firewall protection is either expired or turned off. It also signifies that your PC is infected with viruses, malware, Trojan, spyware or any other online threat.

  • Scan Your PC

It indicates that your computer is potentially at risk, and requires immediate scanning to detect if there are any issues with your virus, firewall or web security McAfee product.

  • Issues found

You will need to take a closure look on your security status as this message indicates a confirmed potential threat. It means either your McAfee protection is inactive by chance or purposely, or your browse history says that you’ve recently visited a malicious website. It also means a potential virus or malware threat has surfaced.

  • No Issues Found

Anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall protection is actively running on your computer but neither of them is a McAfee product.

  • McAfee is protecting your PC

This is an indication that is pleasurable or all. It shows that your computer is protected and your McAfee virus, malware and firewall protection is working properly and up-to-date.    

In the Summary

The status report will present you a 360-degree view of your Security protection, based on what your security app reports. If prompted, you can take on specific tasks to protect your PC, depending on the intensity of issues found. If you seek guidance understanding the McAfee Security Scan Plus output, you can use Virtual Assistance.

McAfee Security Scan Plus has directions to scan your computer once in a week to ensure an uninterrupted virus, malware and firewall protection, also enables your security to stay up-to-date.

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