Memtest86 Pro 9.4 Full – Check for RAM errors

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Software introduction

Memtest86 Pro 9.4 RAM testing software is available for x86/ARM computers. MemTest86 boot from a USB drive and tests the RAM of your computer using a wide range of algorithms.

It is difficult to diagnose and fix a RAM problem because it can have random symptoms. MemTest86 will help diagnose RAM that is faulty (or eliminate it as a cause of system instability). It is used by PC repair shops and manufacturers, as well as system builders.

Features and Benefits of Memtest86 Pro 9.4

  • UEFA: New Graphics Standard For BIOS
  • Network Boot (PXE), a scalable, diskless licensing system from a PXE. Server
  • Reports and Logs: Save the results to disk
  • Self-booting USB: No O / WILL
  • Supported RAM types: DDR2/DDR3/DDR4/SODIMM/XMP/ECC
  • Foreign Language Support: Chinese (German), Russian, Japanese, and more
  • Support for graphic interfaces and mice
  • There are 13 algorithms, including SIMD and the row hammer test
  • Microsoft Verifies the code integrity of Secure Boot signed by Microsoft

         Memtest86 Pro 9.4

Download link for Memtest86 Pro 9.4

Memtest86 Pro  Full Active


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Create DEMO on USB Stick
Replace files in Folder (9_4_1000_Pro). EFIBOOT created USB-Stick.


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