Overloud TH-U Premium 1.4.11 Full – Support for playing Guitar

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Introduction to the software

Overloud TH-U Premium 1.4.11 offers a wide range of amps, cabinets, microphones, and effects. It also includes amp editing, and a variety of other clever tricks. The TH-U is a powerful modder that offers a variety of guitar rigs such as classic and modern hit amps. It also has a large selection of cabinets and effects.

Features Unique to Overloud TH-U Premium 1.4.11

  • Includes amp model, and amp Receiver Technology
  • There are 89 guitar amps and four bass amplifiers.
  • Two bass cabinets and 50 guitar cabinets
  • 79 pedals and stands
  • There are 18 different microphone styles with a maximum of four microphones per cabinet
  • Install for free every month 1000+ presets that cover all musical styles.
  • The original manufacturers have approved the authorized models of Brunetti(r), Brunetti(r), THD(r), and Randall(r).
  • AmpTweak technology allows you to modify amps by changing the preamp and power amp tubes, as well simulate the operation of variations.
  • Rig Player allows you to recreate rig models by capturing real setups.
  • A whole bank of presets for bass.
  • Fourth-generation analog simulation technology with a proprietary nonlinear algorithm
  • Room simulation and 3D microphone positioning without gaps
  • ReSPiRe 2 allows for advanced cabinet simulation. Technology
  • The built-in switch is used to load the external guitar cabin.
  • Split point audio sequence for parallel processing.
  • Fully customizable MIDI controller for live use
  • Reverb effects based upon BREVERB & SpringAge
  • Fully compatible with TH3. User presets
  • More than 8000 rigs from the largest library in the world!

Overloud TH-U Premium 1.4.11

Decompression pass: HT Activate

High-speed download link

Overloud TH-U Premium 1.4.11




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