Proxifier 4.07 Full Key – bypass firewalls, hide IP addresses

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Software Introduction 

Proxifier 4.07 the most advanced proxy client software available today, allows network applications that do not support SOCKS to be accessed through a proxy.

Features of Proxifier 4.07

Proxy All

Redirect any application on the internet (browser or email, database, games, etc.). Through a proxy.

Learn how to master your corporate network

Control the access to resources. All your connections can be routed through a single point of entry. Multiple configurations can be updated remotely in one location.

Connect your device to the Internet.

Use faster routes to transport internet traffic

Security and privacy

Alternative to VPN that is lightweight and flexible. Tunnel your connection using encrypted channels.


Use a proxy to access the internet.

Proxifier 4.07



  • Proxifier is able to handle all TCP connections that are sent out.
  • Full IPv6 Support.
  • Tunnel IPv4 through IPv6 proxy servers and vice-versa.

Proxy server

  • Socks 4 and 4A (hostname Support) with UserID authentication.
  • Socks 5 with Username/Password Authentication
  • HTTPS with Basic NTLM authentication and clear and transparent mode.
  • HTTP with Basic Authentication (HTTP Connections Only)
  • All major proxy servers including Microsoft ISA Blue Coat WinGate Dante Squid Apache etc. have been tested.
  • Redundancy (fallback lists) allows you to assign any number of backup proxies. Configurable timeout.
  • If fallback is activated, proxy errors will be visible to the client.
  • For ease of use, each proxy can have a short label (name) that is easily used in other areas of Proxifier.

Proxy Chain

  • Arbitrary length
  • In the same chain, different proxy protocols may be used.
  • Proxy in-chains can be enabled/disabled.
  • Drag and drop allows you to reorder and chain your items.
  • Load balancing chains.

Client Application

  • Supports 32-bit and 64-bit applications.
  • Windows services and user-run applications.
  • The client application is not aware of the purification.
  • Compatible with all third-party software. Automatic conflict resolution logic.

The following are the DNS for

  • Support for DNS system and DNS through proxy.
  • Combination mode
  • Automatically detect DNS mode
  • All proxy protocols support DNS over Proxy.
  • DNS exclusion list using wildcards. *

Flexible Configuration

  • Proxy rules are based on the application name, IP Address, Hostname, and Port Number.
  • Each rule can either be assigned to an indirect connection, a chain, a block, or proxies.
  • The rules are arranged from the top down and can be re-ordered.
  • For applications, IP addresses and hostnames, wildcards, and masks can be used (e.g. *app.exe; 192.168. *. *; *
  • For IP addresses and ports, ranges can be supported (e.g.; 80-1234).
  • Markup syntax to check directly.
  • You can enable/disable individual rules.
  • The context menu of the Proxifier (right-click an arbitrary.exe) allows for dynamic proxy selection within an application.

Deployment management and configuration management

  • The profile file (*.ppx) stores the configuration.
  • XML is a human-readable format.
  • The length of the sling is unlimited.
  • Switch records quickly from a list.
  • Profiles are managed as files. Import/export supported.
  • The silent profile can be loaded with “Proxifier.exe name-profile. pp silent load”.
  • Configure proxy password security using current user credentials, or master password.
  • Supports AES encryption up to 256 bits and basic AES.
  • All users must configure the system.
  • If the profile is blank, then the user can log in interactively.
  • If authentication fails, Proxifier will ask for login/password interactively.
  • Updates of profiles are automatically performed by remote web servers. The user proxy login information is preserved.
  • The system registry can be used to enforce the encryption of profile passwords.
  • The profiles of Proxifier are compatible with both Windows and Mac versions.

User Interface and Interaction

  • Live information on connections, including application name and destination server.
  • Live Traffic (Bandwidth) Graph.
  • Global statistics in real-time
  • Live output with three levels of detail.
  • Color indicator.
  • Traffic view in the system tray icon
  • The UI (window sizes, pane layouts, etc.) can be changed continuously when the computer is rebooted. ).

Logs and troubleshooting

  • Detailed error message
  • Log file.
  • The detailed mode is available for log files and screens with detailed output.
  • Traffic pours.
  • Every time you start, auto-test yourself.
  • Automatic collision detection logic
  • Customized crash reports

System and Hardware requirements

  • Windows XP (32-bit and 64-bit), Vista, 7, 8, 10,
  • Windows Server (32-bit and 64-bit), 2003, 2008 2012, 2016.
  • macOS 10.4-10.15
  • IA-32 processors or x86_64 family. Mac users can download legacy versions of PowerPC G3, G4, G5, and G6.
  • Free 10 MB of disk space
  • TCP/IP network.

Another Version

Full Active

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  Disable anti-virus software and disconnect the Internet

1. Install the program

2. Use the keygen provided to register your software

3. Done, enjoy, share, like


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