Registry Reviver 4.23.0 Full Active – Fix errors and restore Registry

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Software Introduction 

Registry Reviver 4.23.0 helps users repair, optimize, and restore Windows registry in order to improve computer performance and stability.

What is a Windows registry?

Windows would not run without the Registry. It saves the configuration of a piece of new hardware or software when it is installed. Windows can then retrieve this information later, for example when the computer boots.

Windows reads the Registry configuration when it starts and knows which drivers are needed, what settings to apply, and how much resource is required for the device to function. It can access this information every time it boots because the Registry is located on the hard disk.

Registry stores more than just operating system settings. It also contains user preferences and settings for applications. Registry stores the details when you change your desktop background, screensaver or other settings. Windows will automatically load your settings when you restart Windows after shutting it down. Here you can also store application settings, such as where to download files or what font to use in a word processing program. The Registry is a repository of information that is important not only for the operation of Windows but also to customize it to suit your needs.

Why Registry Recovery?

The registry will grow over time and become cluttered with many obsolete or unnecessary entries. It is particularly true when software, drivers, and hardware components are added or removed from a computer. Windows Registry may also become corrupted or contain errors due to frequent editing, adding, and deleting. You need to repair registry errors or clean up old Registry settings to get the best performance from your computer.

Registry Reviver Features

Restore maximum performance

Your Registry

Registry Reviver scans your Registry and repairs any problems it finds using proprietary algorithms. Registry Optimizer improves your Registry’s efficiency and effectiveness by optimizing the structure and organization of the Registry.

Reduce PC problems and crashes

Fixing registry problems will reduce system crashes and conflicts.

Reduce boot time

Startup Manager lets you manage applications and services that you want to run at PC startup. This optimizes your PC’s boot-up time and performance.

Easy to use and safe

Registry Reviver has a simple and fast interface, as well as safety features such automatic backups and restore wizards. It also includes exclusions and the creation of system restore points.

Registry Reviver 4.23.0

Download link for high speed

ReiverSoft Registry reviver 4.23.0 full active

Back link:

Google Drive

You can download this link in high-speed at Veryfiles.

Other Versions:

ReviverSoft registry Reviver 4.22.1 full active

Back link:

Veryfiles | Google Drive


  • Install the software by extracting it.
  • After installation, exit the program.
  • The Patched File will be copied to the Software Installation folder.
  • File Patched should be run with the “Run as administrator” permission.
  • Done.


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