Acoustica Premium 7.4 Edition Full – recording and editing

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Software introduction

Acoustica Premium 7.4 is the best solution for audio editing, podcasting, and audio restoration. It works on Mac and PC. Acoustica Premium comes with a powerful and accurate clip editor which allows you to edit and navigate single-track audio. You can create multi-track versions, where you can record or import audio tracks and then mix them.


Features of Acoustica Premium 7.4  Edition

The Premium version includes advanced features such as spectral editing, powerful editing algorithms, and multi-channel audio support up to 7.1 surround. The application includes a large number of plug-ins that are seamlessly integrated. The Premium Edition allows you to use the plug-ins in any other application that supports VST, AAX, Audio Units, or VST3, including Mac only.

  • Mastering suite includes Equalize, Dynamics, Multiband Dynamics Limit, and Dither.
  • Verberate 2, our famous natural reverb generator
  • Restoration Suite 2 includes four plug-ins to restore audio: DeNoise 2, DeHum 4, DeClick 2, and DeClip 2.
  • Extract Dialogue reduces background noise automatically in dialogue recordings
  • DeWind – Dialogue reduces wind noise automatically from dialogue
  • DeRustle: Auto Dialogue reduces the rustle and bumping sound of the microphone inflashy recording
  • DeBuzz: Dialogue automatically removes background noise, such as AC power noise or RF transmission interference, from recordings.
  • The switch is an AAX plugin that allows audio to be easily transferred between Pro Tools Acoustica.

High-quality sound

Acoustica supports audio resolutions of up to 32 bits and sampling rates as high as 384 kHz. This ensures that your work will be of the highest possible quality. Acoustica Premium Edition supports multi-channel recording and editing, such as 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound.

Audio Recovery

Audio restoration tools are built-in to help you improve recordings with background noise, clicks and clicks, clipping, or lack of high-frequency content. The Premium version includes the same professional tools as Recovery Kit

Premium Edition Only: Spectral Editing

Acoustica Premium Edition 7’s new spectral edit mode allows restoration work to be done precisely, as it can be restricted in terms of time and frequency. There are a variety of selection tools, including brushes, magic wands, and freehands. Noise removal from ambient sounds using a freely selectable noise-reference-based image editor.

Editing multiple tracks

Multi-track versions allow you to mix audio in real-time, add sound effects or crosscuts, and create them with ease. Multi-track timeline allows you to loop or timelapse clips, automate volume, pan and send levels, and create cross-cuts.

Processors and chains

The integration of high-quality processing tools such as EQ, effects like reverb, chorus, and sample rate transitions is also included. Audio processor chains can be created and stored for future use. The powerful batch processor includes VST3, VST3, and Mac-only AU plug-ins.

Analysis Tools

Wavelet analysis, spectrum analyzer, and spectral programs are all available. The Real-Time Analyzer visualizes audio output in real-time (loudness and level, spectrum, phase correlation, EBU R-128).


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Acoustica Premium 7.4 Key Full


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Acoustica Premium 7.4

Another Version

Acoustica Premium Edition Full Key 7.3.27

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