Adobe XD CC 2020 Download – Full installation guide

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1. What is Adobe XD CC 2020?

Adobe XD CC 2020, also known as Adobe Experience Design, is specialized software for designers and developers. It helps designers to create vector products that simulate the interface of web applications, and mobile applications.

Is a great product from Adobe Inc. First released on March 14, 2016. So far, the software has become extremely popular and trusted by many front-end developers.

XD 2020 helps users easily create XD files, and design UX / UI file types. Create web page frames, web designs, prototypes, software application interfaces. . .

Designed with a simple interface, easy to use with great tools. Adobe XD works smoothly on both Windows and MacOS platforms.

New features of Adobe XD 2020

Some of the outstanding features of this version can be mentioned as follows:

  • Integrated fast, versatile drawing and design tools, saving time.
  • Works smoothly on Windows and MacOS PCs
  • Easily create designs for any screen, any device
  • There is a diverse color palette and character and font formats
  • Create application interfaces intuitively
  • Easily customize the interface
  • Integrate many icons, icons for application and web application

In addition, there are many other outstanding features.

Adobe XD CC 2020

2. Configure Adobe XD 2020

To use the software, you need your computer to meet the minimum hardware and software requirements as follows:

  • Operating system:
Windows 8/10 64 bit, MaOS
(Windows 10 recommended)
  • Chips:
Intel or AMD clocked at 2.0 hz or higher
  • Ram:
4Gb Ram or more
  • Hard drive :
3Gb to install software
  • VGA:
Support DDI feature (VGA from 2013 and above)
  • Screen resolution :
1368 x 768 HD
  • Attention
The higher the configuration, the better the performance

Software configuration is relatively light, and easy to respond to.

3. Download Adobe XD 2020 CC Full Crack

File size: 360 Mb

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4. Full installation guide for free

The version of XD 2020 that you just downloaded above is the Repack version. That is already cracked. You just need to install and use it.
Support the manufacturer by buying a license key for Adobe Xd CC 2020

After downloading the 300 MB installation file above. You perform the following steps (important):

  1. Turn off your anti-virus software if you have one
  2. Turn off Windows Defender ( see how to disable it here )
  3. Disconnect the internet connection to your computer.
  4. Extract the downloaded file, pass: phanmemcntt

Installation steps :

Step 1: Run AdobeXD.exe file or Setup.exe file by
Right-clicking + Run as administrator

Step 2: Select Continue

Step 3: Wait for the software to install (about 5 minutes)

Until the following interface appears, select Close. At this point, you have finished downloading and installing the software permanently!

Your software after installation will be in Start Windows.
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