Android Studio 2020.3.1 Full – Android Programming Tool

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Software Introduction 

Android Studio 2020 was the first Android IDE. The Android IDE is designed to help you grow and build high-quality apps for Android devices. The tool offers customization tools for Android Developers, including debugging tools, editing tools, and testing tools.

Android Studio 2020 Features:

Editing visual layouts

ConstraintLayout allows you to create complex layouts by adding constraints and instructions from one viewer into another. You can then preview the layout in any screen size using one of the device profiles available or by manually resizing your preview window.

Android Studio 2020

APK Analysis

Examine the APK contents to find ways to reduce Android app sizes, even if they weren’t created with Android Studio. Check the manifest, resources, and DEX. Compare the capacity of two APKs.

Fast Emulation

Install apps and run them faster than a real device. You can also simulate a wide range of features and configurations, such as the Google ARCore Platform to create augmented reality experiences.

Smart code editing

Code-perfecting and intelligent code-editing tools are available for Kotlin and Java languages, as well as C/C++.

Build system with flexible components

Android Studio’s build engine, powered by Gradle allows you to customize your build so that it can be customized for multiple devices within the same project.

Check the operation in real-time

Profiling tools are built-in and provide statistics on your application’s memory, CPU & network usage. Find performance bottlenecks using method traces and inspecting allocations and blocks.

Smart Coding Tool

  • It can complete, refactor, and analyze code. This powerful code editor can help you become an Android app developer.

Sample Code and GitHub integration

  • You can start a project faster by using the built-in templates, such as the navigation panel. Or you can import Google sample codes from GitHub.

Apps for multiple screens

  • Create apps for Android smartphones, tablets, Android TVs and Android Auto.
  • Android Studio’s Android Project View module makes it easy to manage projects and resources.

Virtual devices are available in many shapes and sizes

  • Android Studio is pre-configured to use an optimized emulator image. Virtual Device Manager, which has been updated and reorganized, provides support for many popular Android devices.

Grandle is built upon

  • Create different APKs with different features for Android apps using the same project. Maven is used to manage applications. Build APKs using Android Studio or command-line.

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Android Studio 2020



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