AppTrans Pro 2.2.0 Full – Transfer data between 2 phones

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Software introduction

AppTrans Pro 2.2.0 that allows you to move all data and WhatsApp chats between old Android phones to new iPhones, or vice versa. restore WhatsApp from Google Drive backups to iPhone, or iTunes backups, without deleting any existing data.

You can carry your app data and apps, including WhatsApp chats, saved game data, etc., no matter if you switch from Android to iOS, or vice versa. There is no need to do tedious backups or restores. They go directly from one phone to another. You can choose what you want to transfer, whether it’s all the apps, just certain apps, both apps with their data, or only data. The chats you have had on your old phone and WhatsApp will be combined with the new chats if you’ve used WhatsApp for some time. You will now have an entire chat history.

Why use AppTrans to back up your apps?

Back up what you want

AppTrans allows you to choose what data to back up. If you want to make a full backup, you can save all of the apps from your phone. You can save only the apps you need, saving both time and memory.

Back up WhatsApp locally

Having problems backing up WhatsApp on Google Drive or iCloud? Reinstalling WhatsApp is the best solution, but you’re afraid to lose your chats. You don’t need to worry. You can now safely reinstall WhatsApp after backing up your data using AppTrans.

100% Safe and Secure

AppTrans creates backups that are stored on your computer. Your personal information is never compromised because there is no transfer of data over the internet or cloud services.

Free storage

Comparing the limited storage provided by Google Drive and iCloud to your computer’s entire hard drive, you can store all of your backups on it without having to pay extra. If you wish, you can store them on an outside hard drive. You don’t have to worry about storage limitations.

Restore WhatsApp, other apps, and their settings exactly the way you want

AppTrans offers 3 backup types to give you the best chance of recovering your data: Google Drive WhatsApp backup, AppTrans backup, and iTunes Backup. AppTrans circumvents the system restrictions and restores WhatsApp data to your iPhone from a Google Drive Backup. You can preview all the files and data in the backup before restoring exactly what you want. All the other content, such as photos, contacts, and messages, will be intact. Data loss is not a concern.

Install IPA and APK files on your smartphone with just one click

AppTrans can help you install apps that aren’t in the store. AppTrans help. Installing IPA, APK, or XAPK on iPhone or Android is as simple as clicking a button. You can export your favorite iOS/Android apps to your computer. Each app and its data are saved in their own folder. You can install the apps on any other phone or tablet, even if you remove them from the app store. If you do not like the new update, you can easily roll back to a previous version.

AppTrans Pro Features

  • Transfer WhatsApp, as well as all other apps to your iPhone or Android phone.
  • Transfer WhatsApp chats and other files to your new phone without deleting anything on the target device.
  • With just one click, you can backup, restore and move all apps & data.
  • No need to jailbreak your phone or root it. There is no risk of privacy or data leakage.


AppTrans Pro 2.2.0


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High-speed download link

AppTrans Pro 2.2.0



(You can download the high-speed link at Mostfiles)




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