ArtRage 6.1.2 Full Key – Professional painting software

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Software Introduction 

ArtRage 6.1.2 allows you to show off your artistic talent on canvas, oil paintings, water painting, and spray paintings. The software supports PSD files as well as filter and Layers. ArtRage software is designed to provide all the tools and utilities needed by users of all levels in order to create naturalistic paintings.

You can be confident that this software will help you to complete your tasks quickly and efficiently.

ArtRage 6.1.2

ArtRage 6.1.2 Feature:

Natural drawing tools

ArtRage offers many drawing tools that are real-world.

Sketching and drawing tools

Use precise tools to sketch and draw on your canvas.

  • You can adjust the softness of the pencil tool to create anything from subtle shadings to bold lines. Chalk and Crayon can be used to create color blocks.
  • Inking Pens and Felt Pens create ink lines that are solid or highlight colors on canvas.
  • Flood Fill allows you to fill in color areas with one click.
  • Inking Pencil and Precise Pencil have an Auto-Smoothing feature to help smooth out imperfections. This helps create clarity in each stroke.

Special effects tools

ArtRage’s specialized tools let you create scenes with ease or make a big impact on your artwork.

  • Sticker Spray allows you to create complex scenes within seconds. For example, flocks of chickens, gold piles, dense forests and more. Sticker Sheets provide images.
  • Gloop Pen creates many different effects, such as bubbles of thought, ink overflowing bottles, and blurred clouds.
  • Glitter Tube allows you to sprinkle metallic glitters in a variety of settings for the perfect final result.

You can also use this to your advantage.

This suite of widgets works alongside the native products to enhance your workflow.

Pre-set up and set up

Do you want to add more paint to your brush, thin your watercolor or use a soft pencil? You can change the options of each tool to create different effects.


The best way to choose colors can differ from painting to painting, or even person to person. You can use a color-selection tool or store your favorite samples.

Stencils and ruler

ArtRage’s Stencil & Ruler System allows you to accurately work with any tool without changing tool modes or defining selection areas. Any tool without changing settings.


The Sticker System will allow you to easily add elements to your painting such as trees, pebbles, and other objects, or to create a project with electronic scrapbook images.

  • Stickers are images that have been predefined and can be removed in sheets. They can then be glued onto the canvas. Each sticker comes with a variety of settings, including color, texture and gloss.
  • Sticker sheets are used to store stickers. They collect images of the same type in one place for ease of access.
  • With Sticker Spray, you can place several stickers with a single spray. Sticker Sheet can be used to automate the creation of complex scenes.

Drawing frame/paper

Artwork can be greatly influenced by the type of surface that you paint on. ArtRage lets you define canvas properties, including texture and colour to create a range of surfaces.

Tracing Image

You can use an image as a Tracing Image when you draw. The image that you have measured will be displayed on the canvas as you draw.

Automatic Color Selection lets you create ArtRage colors patterns from the Tracing Image while you draw, so you can concentrate on your work. It is a great tool for beginners who are learning to draw.

Image Reference

You will often want to use images as references when drawing. You don’t need to minimize or open another window to see another application. Instead, place images directly on the canvas. They will appear as you draw.

Zoom in on the image to see the exact area you want for drawing.

Layer and Blend Modes

ArtRage’s Layers and Groups are industry standard, allowing you the ability to paint inside images without damaging previous paint. Layers allow you to color and edit separate elements in an image. This allows for changes without disrupting your work.

ArtRage uses the Photoshop Blend mode for a more interactive experience with the items below.

User interface

You can focus more on drawing and less time navigating the panels by using an interface that allows you to concentrate on creating.

Import and export of file formats

stores your artwork in its own format.

  • You can import and export image formats such as PNG, JPG TIFF BMP etc. Depending on your operating system.
  • When moving data between two applications, you can import and export Photoshop PSD files. This preserves the Layer and Group structure as well as Text Layers, Blend Modes, and Layer Structure.

ArtRage 6.1.2 link for high speed

ArtRage Fully Active

Back link:

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Instructions for installing software


1) Install the software and stop it if you are running.
2) Copies the ArtRage.exe.x64 or.x86 crack file into the installation directory. The default is:
C:\Program Files\Ambient Design\ArtRage 6
3) Use Windows Firewall in order to disable auto-update software and block it from connecting to internet.
4) Done!



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