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Avast Premier antivirus, now known as Avast Premium Security, is a reliable anti-virus program for personal and business computers. This is the paid version, which costs $35 per year. If you buy more than one year, users will receive a discount.

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Minimum Configuration of the Computer

Your computer must meet the following requirements to run Avast Premier smoothly:

Windows 8, 8.1, 10, Windows 7 SP1, and higher. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions are supported.

– Compatibility with Intel and AMD processors.

The computer should have at least 1GB RAM and 2GB free space.

– Minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 pixels.

Avast Premier antivirus FULL FEATURES


Avast Premier’s success is due to this technology. This feature warns you of websites that could harm your computer or steal information.

When the software detects an untrustworthy website, a window will pop up and suggest that you scan your whole system for viruses. To ensure your computer’s safety and the security of its data, you should scan the entire hard disk for viruses.

This technology analyzes URLs, domains, and other factors in order to detect phishing websites or malicious sites quickly.

              Avast Premier antivirus


Any anti-virus program must include virus scanning. Avast Premier does not make an exception. The software does not only scan for viruses on the hard drive but also has many other intelligent features.


– Detects malicious virus that can damage or destroy the operating system.

Hackers can use outdated software and security holes to access your data.

– Adds an extension to the web browser and warns you when malicious sites are detected.

– Alert users when they use search engines that are not secure.

Preventing internet security holes and wifi transmitters.

Select Protection > Virus Scans, and then click Run Smart Scan to start the scan.

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Avast notifications can be annoying when you are playing a video game or watching a film. Recent versions of the software added the Do Not Disturb feature to address this problem. This feature will prevent any Avast Premier warnings in full-screen mode.

It is possible to designate specific apps as Do Not Disturb without having to activate the feature. You can add a new app by going to Performance > Do not Disturb mode > Add a New App.

You can disable Avast notifications even when you are not using full-screen mode. Silent Mode is as simple as right-clicking on the Avast Premier system tray icon.

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Erase sensitive data

Many times, bad guys have stolen users’ data even after they deleted them. You should always wipe your hard drive or laptop before selling it.

The normal method of deleting files may not be as secure as you might think. The bad guys can still recover data deleted and steal your passwords and information.

Don’t worry, Data Shredder will keep your data secure. This feature overwrites files with meaningless information, rendering them unrecoverable. Avast Premier’s Data Shredder protects all your sensitive data.

Instructions to Install AVAST Premier Full Crack 2023 (AVAST Premium Security)


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