Boutique Scaler Plugin 2 v2.6.0 Full – Plugins that support audio

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Software Introduction

The Boutique Scaler plugin is a powerful and inspiring music theory workstation. It exposes you to a whole world of new melodies, ideas, and expressions. Scaler uses powerful audio and MIDI recognition to identify the key and scale you are in and suggests chords that match your music. This plugin can help you find the perfect tune by using performance expressions. It can also suggest how to switch from one keyword to another.

scaler is a fun and intuitive way to find chords and progressions! This is a powerful toolkit that anyone can use to make better music.

Features of Plugin Boutique Scanner

Beautiful chord progressions

Find out the key and scale for your music, and receive recommendations that are tailored to your composition.

There are hundreds of advances in different genres

Discover and learn about over 100 advancements for any genre, including Cinematic, EDM, Neo Soul, Future Bass…

Boutique Scaler plugin

Exclusive content by world-class artists

Discover over 200 chord sets by artists such as Carl Cox and The Temper Trap.

Virtual tool: A powerful virtual tool

The Scaler 2 has over 30 sounds built in and is a virtual instrument that can be used to create any track.

Versatile MIDI Effects

You can play complex chords and joints with your favorite virtual instruments or hardware systems by routing the Scaler MIDI output.

Integrated Workflow

You can export anything to your DAW anytime. Use the MIDI Capture feature to export all the sounds you hear on the Scaler into your piano.

Modulation presets

The Scaler will then suggest a modulation progression based on the destination you select. Modal Interchange allows you to borrow chords or create modulations using presets from industry composers.

Sound detection

You can extract your favorite chords directly from audio tracks. Perform and record directly on an instrument, and identify what scale you are playing.

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Boutique Scaler 2 plugin v2.6.0 Full

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Remove the old version completely with professional software, such as Revo Uninstaller PRO Iobit Uninstaller Professional YourUninstaller

1. Install the application
Do not launch the application
2. Install the Crack program by copying the file into the installation directory.
3. To register, use the license file’scaler2.license.’ with email [email protected].
4. Enjoy!


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