CareUEyes Pro 2.2.2 Full Key – eye protection software

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Software Introduction 

CareUEyes Pro offers the best Blue Light Filter and Eye Protection Software. It automatically adjusts the lighting to normal levels, protecting your eyes. CareUEyes filters out blue light to make your screen appear natural and comfortable.

CareUEyes Pro Features:

Anti eye fatigue

Blue Light has a short wavelength, high energy and is susceptible to flicker. This will cause eye fatigue by reducing contrast and sharpness. CareUEyes reduces blue light by adjusting color temperature. The screen will emit less blue light if the color temperature is lowered.

Eye pain relief

A screen brightness that is either too bright or dark can cause discomfort to the eyes. CareUEyes adjusts screen brightness automatically to match the brightness of the surrounding environment. CareUEyes automatically adjusts screen brightness to match the ambient light.

Reduce eye problems

In laboratory studies, it has been shown that blue light exposure can cause retinal cell damage. This can lead to vision problems, such as age-related macula degeneration. CareUEyes can help reduce blue light and reduce vision problems.

Sleep better

Blue light can cause sleep issues by suppressing melatonin. CareUEyes can help you sleep better if you’ve had trouble sleeping in the past.

CareUEyes Pro

Download the link for high speed

CareUEyes 2.2.2 Full Active



(You can download the high-speed link at Mostfiles)

Other Versions:

CareUEyes Pro Full Active 2.1.10


Install the software by extracting it.

After installation, exit the program.

The Patched File will be copied to the Software Installation folder.

Add the following line in the hosts file

Block the software using Firewall, or use it off-line



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