Download Hiren BootCD 15.2 Full-Guide to create USB Hiren Boot

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Software Introduction 

Hiren BootCD 15.2 allows you to create a Boot CD that is a combination of diagnostic programs like partition monitoring, performance measurement, and disk cloning. Hiren BootCD adds additional imaging tools. Data recovery tools, BIOS, and MBR tools, among others, are available to fix various errors in operating systems.

Hiren BootCD has a number of features that can help you fix computer problems, crack Windows passwords, back up data, and ghostwire. Hiren BootCD can be installed on USB or backed up onto disk, making it easy for users to travel.

Hiren BootCD 15.2

HirenBoot (also known as HirenBoot), is an application that creates boot iso files for CDs and USBs. It has many features you can use, such as: creating, formatting, managing partitions, backing up, restoring systems, hard drive copy protection, and defragmentation. Hiren boot integrates anti-virus and scanning tools, as well as recovering deleted data and checking the current status of hard disks.

Hiren Boot 15.2 has been updated with new features.

– Support for the BrowsingHistoryView.05 feature, which allows you to view all browsing history of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and other browsers in one table. – Supports locking your computer to track activity.
ClearLock function 1.4.0 will prevent unauthorized access to your computer by using the correct password.
– ImDisk 1.6.0: Support creating virtual drives (floppy drives, CD/DVDs, and CD/DVDs) using image files or the system memory

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Hiren BootCD 15.2 Full

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Grub4dos 1.1 Full

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Link Download Hiren BootCD 15.5 Full

Hiren BootCD 15.5 Full

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Other Version: Hiren’s BootCD 16.2



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