– Download and Instructions on how to install XamPP on windows

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1. What is Xampp?

XAMPP creates Localhost virtual server on your computer. It works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems. PHPMyAdmin creates a PHP environment and provides a database and all the tools you need to build your local website.

Localhost, to make it simpler to understand, is a similar environment to hosting. Localhost is similar to hosting except that it’s your own computer.

Xampp is a great tool for learning web programming. You can test the functionality of a site with a complete database. You can build websites with open-source code such as WordPress or Joomla. You can also upload data created in Xampp from your local computer to a real web host.

It has a control panel that makes it easy to configure parameters like Apache, MySQL FileZilla Mercury Tomcat. You can switch them on or off whenever you like.

2. Features of XAMPP

You will learn about the most important features of the software.

  • One-click to create a localhost virtual webserver
  • PHP is a web-based programming language.
  • Create and manage databases with PHPMyAdmin
  • You can build websites locally, including open-source websites
  • Simple and easy to use
  • The light and powerful enough to meet your needs

3. Download Xampp

Download Xampp for Windows 64-bit


4. Install Xampp – Create localhost on your computer

Installing Windows 10 64-bit is easy for me!

Install the software by following the instructions below after downloading the installation file!

Step 1. Run downloaded file

Step 3: Select Next repeatedly (3 times).

Step 4: Select next

Step 5: Select Next to move to the next step

Step 5 Select Finish after the software has been installed and run.

5. Set up localhost

You only need to do a few things after installing Xampp to access the local host.

You need to activate XAMPP, and then Apache and MySQL will work. You can now turn on your browser. Localhost/xampp will be the default path.

You may wonder why localhost Xampp is not accessible. You might have forgotten to enable Apache or MySQL in the XAMPP Control Panel.
If you enable the two above features, your computer will become a local host.

When you want to access PHPMyAdmin, you can access the path: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/


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