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Software Introduction 

EditPlus 5.6 Full is an HTML editor, text editor, PHP, Java, and Hex viewer. EditPlus replaces Notepad with many powerful features that are useful for webmasters and programmers.

EditPlus works as a text editor, HTML-editor, and programming editor on Windows. Its a text editor, but also a PHP Editor, HTML Editor, Java Editor, and Hex Viewer.

EditorPlus can highlight syntax in many languages including HTML, CSS, and Java. It also supports C/C++ and Perl.

EditorPlus provides a number of other features such as autocomplete, code-folding, spell check, and search and replace. It also offers custom keyboard shortcuts and an HTML Toolbar to insert HTML tags quickly.

EditPlus supports a wide range of programming languages, including HTML, PHP, and Java. It also supports C++, C, C++++, CSS, and ASP. Perl, JavaScript VBScript, Python, and Ruby. It can also be extended to support other programming languages using custom syntax files. FTP, SFTP, and FTPS are all available to upload files.EditPlus code editor: Features

  • Document Interface: Multiple interfaces for documents, tabbed opening of documents, stacking windows.
  • Basic Features Spell Check, Regex-based Find and Replace, Encoding conversion, and Newline
  • Programming features: Syntax highlighting, Undo, Redo, rectangular block selection, frame matching, auto-indentation, auto-completion, compiler integration
  • Extras Shell Integration, Macros Support, Multi-Line Regex, Web Browser Integration, Auto-customizable Keystrokes
  • Support for Protocols: FTP (SFTP), FTPS
  • Support for encoding: ASCII (UTF-8), UTF-16, and any other encoding supported on the operating system
  • Newline Support: DOS/Unix (LF/CR), Mac (CR).

EditPlus 5.6 Full

High-speed download link

Build 42250 Full Active


Veryfiles | Uploading | Google Drive

(You can download the high-speed link at Mostfiles)

Other Versions:

EditPlus 5.5 Build 3737 Full Active

EditPlus 5.6 Full activation instructions

Download and install the 1st version

To enter the software, open the key file. To activate the software, run Keygen > Generate Key. (if any)

Three – Completed


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