Exposure Software Eye Candy 7.2.3 Full – Add Effects to Photohop

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Software Introduction 

Alien Skin Eye Candy 7.2.3  adds realistic effects and subtle details to Photoshop. This allows you to quickly design and explore looks. Eye Candy creates realistic effects, like Fire, Chrome, or the new Lightning, that are impossible to achieve with Photoshop alone. The effects such as Animal Fur and Smoke and Reptile Skin have been rendered with exquisite detail, down to the hairs, tangled winds, and shiny scalings.

Exposure Software Eye Candy 7.2.3 : Features and Benefits

  • Eye Candy 7 can be found in the Photoshop filter menu. You can now explore our entire range of effects with Alien Skin Eye Candy.
  • You can select the way the effect will be displayed on a new layer in the preferences panel.
  • You can quickly explore presets by using the preview after you select an effect.
  • Realistic effects: The rendering of fur, smoke, and reptile skin is rendered with fine details, including individual hairs and scales. Eye Candy enhances the natural look of your design.
  • Eye Candy is also a smart filter that allows you to edit the effect or remove it later.
  • Eye Candy is a powerful image processing tool that can handle images in CMYK, 16-bit/channel and CMYK. This is essential for professional printing jobs.

                                 Eye Candy 7.2.3

Download link for high speed

 Eye Candy 7.2.3 Fully Active



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Copy the patch into this folder.
– Run the License Activation Tool after applying the patch
– Activate the plugin using Keygen data


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