GoldWave 6.60 Full – Editing, editing audio

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ItSoftware Introduction 

GoldWave 6.60 Full is a professional audio editing software that performs complex processing, conversion, enhancement, and restoration tasks. It allows you to listen to and view your favorite songs in real time, record from any source on your computer, add sound effects, and edit older recordings…

GoldWave is a professional audio player and processor. It includes features like playing and changing the playback speed, recording audio from different sources on your computer, editing audio using basic commands, such as Cut Copy Paste Trim Replace Overwrite, adding sound effects, and editing old recordings.

GoldWave 6.60 Full

As well as the audio editing features support for separating lyrics and taking music files with no singer’s voice to allow everyone to sing Karaoke.

GoldWave is a powerful tool that allows you to perform functions like copying audio from CDs directly, combining audio files, adding effects, and processing multiple files. different.

GoldWave is the perfect tool to transform your audio files.

You can delete the majority of corrupted and poor-quality audio files, but you may not know how to restore them. It will allow you to fix and refresh audio files, resulting in a new one with better quality.

GoldWave has all the necessary tools to edit, edit, and refresh audio on your computer.  can convert stereo audio formats into mono audio, 8bit to 16bit, and wav to MP3…

GoldWave offers features to convert audio formats like MP3, MP2, WMA, AAC, and more. The conversion is fast with good file quality.


Features of GoldWave Software

Comprehensive audio editing features:

You have a lot music, recordings of conversations from Voice Chat applications, Radio, Internet…but the quality isn’t what you expected. GoldWave will allow you to edit sounds in the desired volume and sharpness.

Provides sound effects and filters.

GoldWave offers users a wide range of sound effects, including: Doppler and Dynamics, Echo, Invent Flange, Offset Pitch, Reverse…, as well as filters such Low/Highpass/Bandpass/Stop, Equalizer, Noise Gate, Noise Reduction, Low/Highpass…

Recording Support:

This application allows users to record sound from devices such as radios, cassettes, vinyl records and other audio tools by connecting the device to a computer. Users can easily record their favorite sounds in high-quality for use whenever they need. The program allows you to preview and add effects such as echo, inversion, voiding , distortion to your sound.

MP3 Keyshifter is a software that allows you to edit music when recording. It has a complete set of audio processing tools.

Restoring recordings in

The software can also be used to restore old recordings by noise filtering, and making sound adjustments. This will give the recording a completely different quality.

Create CD audio copies:

GoldWave allows users to copy music CDs. Depending on their intended use, they can select a format such as WMA or MP3 for the audio.

Flexible conversion between music formats:

It converts binary data and supports WAV, WMA MP3, OGG AIFF VOX MAT SND VOC… formats. This software also supports compressed audio formats like WMA, Ogg Vorbis and FLAC.

Edit multiple files simultaneously:

It can edit multiple files simultaneously with its multi-window interface. The program allows users to perform any cutting, copying or pasting of music files with no effect on the output.

smart editor and processor.

GoldWave offers chain editing for a large number of files. Drag and drop can be used to manage files. For example, users can automatically locate and split files, edit audio, etc. The interface’s toolbar can be easily customized.

Audio editing for many purposes:

This software has a wide range of features that make it a great choice for editing and creating music in television and film programs, sports and entertainment programs, and news programs.

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1) Installing the software

2) Open the “keygen.exe file” in the folder where you have the keygen to import the key into the software.
3) Done!


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