Hetman Partition Recovery 4.2 Full – Recover Corrupted Data

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Introduction to the software


Hetman Partition Recovery is Hetman Software‘s leading Data Recovery solution. Full support for FAT/exFAT (memory stick or USB drive), NTFS/ReFS (Windows), APFS/HFS+ (Apple MacOS), Ext2/3/4/ReiserFS/XFS/UFS (Linux, Unix, Solaris, FreeBSD) , Open BSD File System, NetBSD), the tool is equipped with the most sophisticated algorithms that allow complete recovery in the most difficult cases.

This software will recover files that have been accidentally deleted on hard drivesUSB devicesMemory Cards, and other storage media, regardless of file system. You can recover information that has been deleted or locked by a virus, a power failure or faulty hardware. Missing information can be recovered after a system failure, file system failure, or hardware failure.

You can recover data from deleted hard drives, formatted partitions, and even formats. This program is able to recover deleted files from third-party applications, the Recycle Bin, or by using the Shift + Del combination.

Files and folders can be recovered from damaged devices, such as pen drives, SD memory cards, and hard disks.


Features of Hetman Partition Recovery

File formats supported

Partition recovery (tm), can recover files without exception of any type. Content-aware analytics are available for many file types, including documents, photos, and archives. This allows you to find and recover these files, even if there is no trace left of the original file system. Content-aware analysis supports the following types of files:

  • Documents in Microsoft Office and Open Office formats, such as DOC / DOCX / ODT / RTF – HTML & PDF, etc. DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, HTML, PDF, etc. ).
  • Digital images (e.g. JPEG, PSD, EPS, TIFF, PNG, RAW, DNG, CR2, NEF, etc. ).
  • Spreadsheets and presentations (e.g. XLSXLSXODS, etc. ).
  • Backup and Archive (e.g. ZIPRAR, etc. ).
  • Audio and video files, e.g. Audio and video files (e.g.

Data recovery from external USB drives, hard drives, and SSD

Partition Recovery ™ was thoroughly tested on a variety of devices, including desktop and laptop drives, external cases, and systems. The storage system is connected to the computer via a USB cord.

The tool can be used to recover data from a wide range of devices including MP3 players, smartphones, digital cameras, and GPS units connected via USB cord.

Hetman Partition Recovery

Partition Recovery ™ supports all solid-state disks including A-Data. Corsair. Goodram. HP. Kingston. LaCie. PhotoFast. PNY. SanDisk. Silicon Power. TDK. Team. Toshiba. Transcend. Verbatim.

Data Recovery Tool

Partition Recovery(TM), in Quick Scan mode, performs a scan of the file system to locate any deleted files. The tool will use a comprehensive analysis mode to search the entire disk if it detects a badly formatted file system or disk.

Scanning the file system

The tool includes sophisticated algorithms that enable it to recover usable data from damaged, partially overwritten, and corrupted file systems. Unreadable files and inaccessible disks can be caused by virus attacks, data corruption, damage to the physical media, or other errors.

Partition Recovery (TM) corrects these errors by finding the file systems, or their backups for NTFS volumes and using the remaining information to recreate the original directory and file structure. Then you can restore the files and folders by saving them in a safe place.

Full disk analysis with Signature Search

Partition Recovery(tm), which uses a signature-search algorithm that is content-aware, reads all of the disk surfaces to find supported file types based on their signature. The tool can recover deleted files, formatted disks, and partitioned disks. End results are often superior to those of renowned data recovery laboratories.

Save your analysis data

Partition Recovery (TM) allows you to save the analysis data on the hard drive that has been scanned by the utility. You can load the analytics data onto your storage device, and then recover files when you are ready.

Visual preview before recovery using HEX editor

Partition recovery offers two modes for previewing deleted files: visual or HEX. The tool’s visual mode displays documents, images, spreadsheets, and other file types in the same way as they appear in Microsoft Office, or an image viewer.

Restore virtual disks and virtual machines disks

This tool is capable of handling virtual hard disks and virtual machine disks. If the virtual machine or virtual hard drive fails, you can recover all data that was lost.

Partition Recovery ™ supports all the popular hard disk formats that are used by virtual machines.

  • VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image) – VirtualBox disk format;
  • VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) – Format VMware Player / Workstation disk;
  • VHD , VHDX (Virtual Hard Disk) – Microsoft Hyper-V disk format;
  • HDD – Parallels Hard Disk Format
  • QED – Format for QEMU/KVM
  • QCOW (QEMU Copy-On-Write) – format for QEMU.

Absolute safety

Partition Recovery(tm), implements low-level read-only access so that no write operations are performed on the disk or information to be recovered. Partition Recovery ™ reads the entire device with a single, long read to create a bit-precise image. These virtual images allow you to recover data without having to access the original device.

Save the file

Partition Recovery fixes this problem by allowing you to upload recoverable files via the FTP protocol to a network location, create a series of ISO images that can be written to, or burn several CDs/DVDs using the drive. Integrated recording. Memory cards, USB cartridges, and USB pen drives can all be used.

Download link for high speed Hetman Partition Recovery

Hetman partition recovery 4.2 Fully Active


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(You can download the high-speed link at Mostfiles)



Another Version

Hetman Partition Recovery 4.1 fully active


Google Drive



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