Magix Sound Forge Pro 16.1 Full Key-Audio Editing Software

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Software Introduction 

Magix Sound Forge Pro allows you to edit and process audio files on your computer. The program includes other features, such as recording audio, editing audio for video, and extracting audio from CDs.

Sound Forge Pro includes a number of features, including editing Audio files on your computer, recording audio from different sources, synchronizing video, extracting audio from CDs, and more. You can apply a variety of special sound effects to Audio files using the program.

Magix Sound Forge Pro Features:

– Editing audio.

It has many audio editing tools, including cut, join, mix, delete etc. The output sounds are of high quality. You can edit many different audio files at the same time.

– Record audio from multiple sources.

Sound Forge Pro lets you record audio from a variety of sources, including your computer’s music player (KM Player, Gom Player …,), TVs and disc players. CD/DVD and Cassette Radio. You can use the Record Time feature to set the start and finish times of a recording.

– Provides a wide range of sound effects.

The program offers more than 40 special sound effects, including Normalize and EQ. It also includes Delay, Chorus Volume, Dynamics, Noise Gate Pitch Shift Flange… You can choose the effects you want to apply.

– Edit audio for Video.

Sound Forge Pro can work with a wide range of video formats including HDV, 720p/1080p, MPEG-1 and MPEG-2. You can edit the audio from the video and synchronize it with the video frame.

– Filter out noise.

This utility can be used to remove unwanted sounds from recordings, such as voices and car horns.

– Extract audio from CD.

This function allows you to extract the audio from a CD and store it on your computer. You can also use it with compatible devices. Save sounds in audio formats.

Preview the working procedure.

You can perform tasks and also see the sound after applying effects so that you know if you have done your work correctly. Save Complete Audio files in a specific audio formats.

Magix Sound Forge Pro

High-speed download link

Magix Sound Forge Pro 161 Full Active

Back link:

Veryfiles | Uploading | Google Drive

(You can download the high speed link at Mostfiles)

Other Versions:

Sound Forge Pro Full Version 15.0


  1. Install by unzipping the file.
  2. After installation, exit the program.
  3. 3Copies the Patched File into the Software Installation (choose either X32, or X64).
  4. Default:
  5. x64: CProgram FilesMAGIXSOUND Forge Pro
  6. x86: C:\Program Files (x86)\MAGIX\SOUND FORGE Pro\
  7. Click Patch and run the file with “Run As Administrator” permission.
  8. Done.


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