Monkeys Audio 7.37 Full – Compress digital music for free

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Software Introduction 

Monkeys Audio 7.37 is software that compresses digital songs without loss of sound quality. Supports CD ripping and high-quality WAV files. Monkeys audio will convert .wav files into.ape file in order to reduce the size of these files without losing sound quality, decompress and convert. ape. ape tracks, checks file integrity, manage tags, and converts files.

Monkey’s Audio is a powerful audio compression tool that allows you to convert between multiple formats including APE, APE SHN, RKA, OGG, MP3, and WV. It also checks file integrity using CRC checksums.

Monkeys Audio 7.37

Monkey’s Audio compresses digital music quickly and easily. Monkey’s Audio creates copies of your original music that are exactly the same as the original. It sounds great, but it saves space. (Think of it like a Winzip(tm), upgrade for your music.) You can also extract the Monkey’s Audio file back to its original format. You’ll never need to recopy your CD collection again to convert formats. And you can always recreate the original music disc perfectly.

Monkeys Audio 7.37 Audio Features

  • Efficient – Monkey’s Audio is highly optimized and highly efficient
  • Perfect Sound No loss of quality – perfect sound, perfect decompression, and lossless compression.
  • Media Center (TM), foobar ™, Winamp ™, and more are supported by the most popular players.
  • Easy is a powerful, yet easy-to-use interface for Windows.
  • Monkey’s Audio is free!
  • Error Detection – Monkey’s Audio includes redundant CRC for proper data decompression.
  • Tag Support– Monkey’s Audio has its own APE Tags that are extremely flexible, allowing you to manage and catalog Monkey’s Audio collections easily.
  • Support for external encoding – you can use Monkey’s Audio to encode all of your audio files.
  • Source code is available for free, SDK is easy to use, and licensing is not restricted Other developers can easily integrate Monkey’s Audio into their programs and there aren’t any restrictive license agreements

Download the link for high-speed Monkeys Audio 7.37  from the home page:

Monkeys Audio 64bit/32bit Full



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