NetLimiter Pro 4.1.12 Full Key – Control Internet Traffic

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Software Introduction

NetLimiter Pro for Windows is a powerful Internet Traffic Control, and Monitoring Tool. NetLimiter allows you to monitor internet traffic and set limits on download/upload rates for individual applications or connections.

Netlimiter also offers an extensive set of internet stats tools. Netlimiter includes both real-time traffic measurements and long-term statistics on the internet traffic for each application. NetLimiter allows users to control their network connection. NetLimiter allows you to decide which applications are allowed to connect to the internet and the total bandwidth that they can use.

Features of NetLimiter Pro

Internet traffic monitoring: Real-time traffic monitoring for applications and connections.
Connection Blocker: This blocker allows you to block certain applications from connecting to the Internet.
Priority: this allows you to prioritize traffic for a selected app.
Quota: Block the application or limit it if you have reached the data transfer quota.
Statistics: Data transfer statistics over a long period of time.
Limit: Sets the maximum transfer rate of any application that runs on your PC.
Filter editor: Create customized filters to filter traffic based on direction, protocol IP, application, etc.
PlannerSpecify when a rule (limit or priority) will be enabled automatically.
Remote administration: Control other machines remotely with NetLimiter 4.
User Permissions: Specify users who can only monitor or control INTERNET traffic
The traffic graph Displays the download/upload data transfer rate for selected applications or connections.
Info Tools Displays information about the connection, application, or filter selected.
Rule editor: Advanced tool to customize NetLimiter behavior.
Connection history: This shows statistics by Ip address, application, and group.
Connection Log: Display information about connections and their handling in real time.

NetLimiter Pro

High-speed download link

NetLimiter Pro 4.1.12 Full Active

Back link:

Veryfiles | Google Drive

(You can download the high-speed link at Mostfiles)


Other Software:  V-Ray 5.20.04


Download and install the 1st version

The name and key for registering the program can be obtained by opening the Key.



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