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Nitro Pro 13 2023 is among the best PDF programs available today. It is used every day by tens and millions of people.  Nitro Pro 13 is used by hundreds of thousands of small and large businesses in the world to edit and open PDF files.

Nitro Pro 13 has a user-friendly interface and powerful editing features. Its offers a lot of convenience for work and document storage. The affordable price of Nitro Pro 13 and its dozens of features have allowed it to replace Adobe Acrobat’s PDF program. Learn more about Nitro Pro 13.

What is Nitro Pro 13 2023?

Nitro Pro 13 has the most advanced features. Users can also download several older versions of the software.

Nitro Pro 7: This software has been around for a while, and the features are very limited in comparison to Nitro Pro 13. It was still a good product compared to Adobe Acrobat.

Nitro Pro 8: Nitro Pro 8 now supports multiple documents at once and has more editing tools. The only downside is that images are still not supported in PDF.

Nitro Pro 9 has many features and almost all of the features users require. This version has a few disadvantages, such as the fact that it downloads files more slowly than Adobe Acrobat and the OCR function does not work properly. .

Nitro Pro 10: The release of Nitro Pro 10 has been a turning point for the software. This version offers users full functionality similar to Adobe Acrobat. It is stable and can handle large files. There are some additional features, such as the ability to set passwords and convert PDF files into Excel or Word formats.

Nitro Pro 13 inherits and develops the features from the previous version. It adds new features and has fast file processing abilities.

FEATURES OF Nitro Pro 13 2023


When we first used Nitro Pro 13, the interface felt very similar to Microsoft Office. It is easy to learn the features and use of the software.


Have you got many documents that are all on the same subject? Do you want to combine them into one PDF file so that you can manage it easily? The document merging function in Nitro Pro 13 makes it easy. Software that supports more than 300 formats is available today. The software allows you to merge PDF files as well as many other formats and capture files directly.

NITRO PRO 13 2023

Powerful Editing Features

PDF files are more difficult to edit than Office-formatted documents. This type of file is difficult for most users to edit. Nitro Pro 13 has a strong editing feature set, which makes it simple to edit text, insert images, rotate pages, or insert logos.

Convert PDF files to other popular formats

Undoubtedly, PDF files are more often used to read than edit. It is very inconvenient to send documents that are in PDF format to someone who does not know how to handle them. The feature that allows you to convert PDF files to Word, Excel, and other formats can help solve this problem. The output document retains the font, image, and format.

Cloud Storage

Nitro Cloud allows users to read and edit documents anywhere. If you want to edit files, there’s no need to copy them from one computer onto another. You can edit and view these documents online as long as Nitro Pro 13 is installed on your computer.


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Password Protection

Nitro Pro’s feature for setting passwords will allow you to protect sensitive documents from being read. Your documents will reach the intended recipients safely with 256-bit encrypted.


(Note: x86 is 32-bit version, x64 is 64-bit version) Click on the link to choose the correct Nitro Pro 32 or 64 Bit. Note: x86 version is a 32-bit version and the x64 version is a 64-bit version.

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