Paragon Hard Disk Manager Advanced 17.20.11 Full

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Download Paragon Hard Disk Manager Full – A Hard Disk Maintenance solution including Backup & restore, Disk Clone, Partition Manager, and data wipe.

Software introduction

Paragon Hard Disk Manager performs all the hard disk maintenance including backup & restore.

Hard Disk Manager allows you to resize your partitions in real-time, maximizing the storage space. You can now edit, view and convert partitions, as well as recover partitions and merge them. You can easily perform a surface check to identify bad sectors on the partition.

Want to upgrade your old hard drive with a new SSD? Hard Disk Manager’s new Disk Clone Function allows you to create an exact copy of your hard drive system to another drive. You just need to select where you would like Windows to be installed and then clone the disk. Friend.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager

Hard Drive Manager is included with the official Recovery Media Builder in order to correct boot problems due to logic errors, hardware malfunctions, or crashes. You can restore the full performance of your system, including applications and data if it has been compromised or damaged by malware or ransomware.

Hard Disk Manager will wipe personal data from the hard drive before it is disposed of. You can also clean up only the unused space and recover deleted files. You can restore data from backups. This includes the entire hard drive or partitions as well as individual files and folders. Password-protect backups. Import any backup for WinPE to restore.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Features

  • Windows Support
Windows 7 SP1
Windows 8
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
Windows 11
  • Basic Partition
Create, format, delete/recover, active/inactive; assign/delete the drive letter; change the drive label. Convert file systems (FAT to FAT, NTFS into FAT, NTFS into HFS, and NTFS back to HFS).
  • Advanced Partition
Split/merge; redistribute space, resize the cluster, convert from logical to main, edit sectors; collapse/defragment MFT; convert to MBR/GPT. Change slots main and serial numbers, VD connection.
  • Erase disc
Shell integration, industry-grade algorithm, SSD drive, free up space on hard disk/partitions, clean report
  • Data migration
Clone Partition or Clone Entire Disk? Move OS
  • Backup
Backup data exclusion and backup data encryption, compression, and backup data compression are all supported. Containers
  • Restore HTML0
You can restore an entire disk or partition, by separating files and folders from isolated backup containers or legacy PBF images. Restore the original or new location. Restore with resize. Import backup jobs to Manage in WinPE
  • Backup automation
View/edit unlimited jobs
  • Recovery Environment
Recovery Media Builder, with driver insertion during setup and networking built in, creates a bootable USB (uEFI/BIOS compatible) Windows PE/Linux or ISO image to be used for product utilities when the operating system is broken or on bare-metal machines.
  • Email Notifications
Set up an email notification program that will notify you of successful and/or unsuccessful operations
  • Auxiliary utilities
  • File Transfer Wizard allows you to copy files from Windows, macOS, or Linux archives and burn them onto CD/DVD. It also replaces damaged data in backups.
  • Boot Corrector fixes problems that are caused by hardware failures or malfunctions.


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