Pixologic ZBrush 2022 Full – 3D sculpting software

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Software Introduction 

Pixologic ZBrush improves your sculpture by adding the Dynamics system, which allows any surface to be expanded, contracted, inflated, or overlaid with gravity. Use a Mask to pin a part of the Mesh to create points of interest. Or use a Mask to create an interaction that allows the surface to automatically roll. Even on low-resolution surfaces, you can create realistic fabric folds. Set the mesh, activate the collision volume, and select any desired controls. Watch ZBrush overlaid the canvas mesh on top of any visible mesh.

ZBrush adds iMage 3D to ZBrush, as well as new features. It also allows it to open native files created by ZBrushCoreMini.

Pixologic ZBrush

ZBrush is now faster and more efficient. ZBrush is now more flexible and takes less time for other operations, such as DynaMesh.

Pixologic ZBrush Features

Controlled fabric sculpture

The Dynamics engine has been used to create special brushes that allow you to interact with fabric surfaces in a new way. You can, for example, choose the direction of the folds or grab the geometry and move it around the workspace to create the crease. ClothTwister brush simulates twisted fabric. ClothWind lets you scroll in any direction. ClothPinchTrails creates a pinch fabric seam wherever you stroke the surface.

Dynamic Subdivs: A Retrospective

Dynamic sub div allow you to preview your subdivision levels before increasing the number of polygons in your base. This feature has been taken to the next level by adding adjustable thickness to flat geometry.

Each polygon can be enhanced with a geometry section as an interactive instance. You can choose from a variety of presets for a denim-jeans or canvas surfaces. Choose a piece of armor to create a chain of letters.


ZBrush now offers many performance enhancements. The speed of ZBrush has increased in all areas. This includes faster response times for high polygon models and increased DynaMesh performance. A new Optimize option will intelligently manage multithreading to maintain the number of threads ZBrush requires for optimal performance.

Upgraded ZModeler

The ZModeler brush system has been enhanced with new functions.

Extrude Edge

The ability to create planes according to your own imagination, or to add new geometry to an existing sculpture has never been so easy. Edge Extrude allows you to create with a single edge, multiple edge loops, and/or multiple loops. You can extrude a face to snap it to an adjacent one, and you can also enable SnapToSurface so that new edges can snap to the surface below.

Equidistant Inset

Equidistant Inset allows you to insert a polygon or polygon area and the newly created topology is equidistant with the existing topology. This creates a new set of perfect polygons.

Look closer

Click on the image to view the basic geometry.

Modify Nanomesh

Continue to enhance the already powerful NanoMesh system. ZBrush 2021 Now you can edit the mesh of the instance while it is in the field. Combining Split Screen and NanoMesh opens up the possibilities for creating and adjusting your mesh without adding an overwhelming number of polygons.

iMage3D PNG and GIF format

The image 3D file format is a great way to share your 3D model and an image of it with others. It can be shared as a GIF or PNG. This file can appear on any website as a 2D image. When opened in ZBrush the model with its SubTools will be ready to edit.


Download the link for high speed

Full Version of Pixologic ZBrush ZBrush 2022


Google Drive

You can download this link at high-speed at Veryfiles.

Other Versions:

Pixologic ZBrush 201.7 Full Active


Google Drive


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    2. Install the Cr@ck program by copying the file into the installation directory.
    3. Enjoy ! !

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