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Software Introduction

Power-user Premium 1.6 Full provides a productivity solution to heavy users of PowerPoint and Excel. This add-in provides dozens of features for Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. This is the most comprehensive add-in designed to save you time and turn you into an Office hero.

Power-user Premium 1.6 Full Features Unique to


Power-user plug-ins allow you to insert hundreds of templates designed by professionals with just a single click.

The templates will automatically adapt to your color scheme.

The template library allows you to save any slides or documents that you create and access them whenever you want.

The team can create shared libraries that are accessible to all members of the organization.


Power-user includes a collection of 6,000 icons, including all flags of countries to illustrate your presentations:

  • The icons are vector shapes, so you can resize and color them however you want.
  • The Power-user software includes a search tool to browse icons.
  • Click the icon to apply a predefined style.


These maps can be fully edited and automatically colored using your Excel data. You can create stunning maps in minutes that will impress your audience.


Search over 1 million images, and insert them in just one click. This is a great way to illustrate concepts or start a conversation without having to worry about intellectual property.

The image is automatically inserted in PowerPoint with the optimal size for your slide.

Browse the company logo library and insert them quickly into your presentation.

Power-user Premium 1.6 Full


Create powerful charts using Power-User:

  • Mekko charts are ideal for displaying simultaneous marketing and competitive positions in different markets.
  • The waterfall chart (or bridge chart) breaks data down into multiple components.
  • Sankey charts are perfect for visualizing flow like Internet traffic, business, migrations, and more.
  • Tornado (or Butterfly) chart for easy comparison.


With Power-user, you can embed custom diagrams in seconds. Diagrams can be used to illustrate complex ideas and create eloquent dashboards or slides in no time. The diagram contains value chains, gauges traffic lights, relationships pyramids arrows, and other elements.


Gantt charts can be used to show the progress of a project. Manually creating a Gantt chart can take several hours. Plugins allow you to create these in just seconds. This is a fantastic tool for improving the design of a presentation in a short amount of time.


Create work program pages, sections, and tables of content automatically from a central PowerPoint panel. You can rename your slides, change the layout of your presentation and automate the entire workflow in just one click.


This is the ultimate tool for testing your slides.

  • Find and correct typographical errors.
  • Convert multiple fonts into a single font.
  • Find and correct missing page numbers, footers, or headers.
  • Find and delete confidential data
  • Compress images and remove unused layouts, external content, or unused layouts to optimize file size.
  • Et cetera.


Power-user lets you easily create powerful connections between Excel data charts and PowerPoint data.

They will not be affected by moving files, renaming them, or emailing them. These links will unlock many options for automating your reports, saving you time and effort.


Edit hundreds of charts at once: Add data labels, change the legend position, and edit the line color or weight. Resize your chart or only change one slice. Circle to blue. Chart+ allows you to do all of this in a matter of seconds!


You can alternate colors in your presentation with Power-user. You can use it to align a document instantly with the corporate colors of another client or to track down and correct color inconsistencies within your presentation. This tool is essential to tailoring your designs for your clients.

Save and send sections of your presentation

This menu allows you to send or save any slide currently selected or your entire presentation in PPTX format, PDF format, PPSX format, or PNG.

To ensure the security of your slides, you can protect them with a password.


Pipet is an excellent tool for formatting. It can be used to selectively apply the shape’s characteristics. Here are some ideas of what you can create:

  • Instantly define a unique title format
  • Convert each bullet in your presentation into a style that fits all bullet levels.
  • Remember a position on a slide and use it in other slides
  • Don’t change the text style of a shape, but apply the size, color, and position that you have memorized to it.
  • Round the shape up
  • Two charts of equal size can be balanced

Other Powerpoint Tools

  • Sticky Notes is a great tool to add comments and share them with colleagues.
  • Stamps: a quick and easy way to mark or unmark your slides as “Draft”, “Confidential”, or both.
  • Refers to a slide that was shown earlier in the presentation.
  • Slide summary, which shows the titles of selected slides.
  • Use progress tools to demonstrate your progress in your presentation.
  • Learn how to use keyboard shortcuts, Excel, and Word tips & tricks.

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