Resolume Arena 7 v7.6 Full Key – Visual Jockey software for DJ

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Software Introduction 

Resolume Arena was designed for VJs and AV artists. Avenue allows you to quickly play your live shot and improvise it. Arena offers all the features of Avenue, plus advanced options such as projector mapping and blending. It can be controlled from the lighting desk and synced with the DJ using the SMPTE timecode.

Main features of Resolume Arena software

Mix live video

Resolume keeps you accountable. You can watch your videos whenever you like, in the way that you choose. You can move forward, backward, scratch, and adjust the pace to the beat. Play Continue as an instrument to mix and match images.

The interface is intuitive

Resolume has an intuitive interface that allows you to adapt to your style. You can use as many or as few videos and effects that you want. Your imagination and the raw power your computer can provide are your only limits.

From your local club to the main stage

You can play on as many screens as you want. You can play on any screen, from the simple display behind your DJ at the local club to Ultra’s main stage. Resolume allows you to use any output that your computer is capable of recognizing.

Playback of audio and video

Play both audio and video files. Combine any audio and video files. Animate pixels, beat down.

Sound visual effects

Resolume includes both video and sound effects. You can use them individually or in combination to create new exciting sound-visual effects.

Sound Analysis

Resolve can analyze the sound to perform any parameter that is turned up to the music. Resolume analyzes the sound and can perform any parameter that has been turned up to the beat.

Arena: Projection mapping using Arena

Video can be projected on virtually any surface. Buildings or complex geometric structures. Resolume takes care of all the work so that you can concentrate on what’s important: creativity.

Blend projectors and Arena

Edge matching allows you to seamlessly project an image on two or more projectors. The image can be wrapped around to provide a 360-degree experience.

LED light

Don’t forget to consider the colors of the lights! Arena lets you send colors to DMX lights and they will match your image.

Synthesis & Live effects

You can adjust the size and position of clips according to your requirements. Use effects to drastically change the appearance of your video. The video card is responsible for all the processing, so you can enjoy the highest quality and performance.

Real-time rendering

Blend, crop, and edit – everything happens in real-time.

Audio & Visual Plugins

Resolume’s visual effects are all plugins. You can add additional effects easily by downloading third-party plug-ins. OpenGL allows you to program your own effects. VST plugins can be used to create your own audio effects.

Integration with other applications

You can use Siphon for Mac or Spout for Windows to share images between Resolume, other software running on the computer and any other application. You can even create your own integration with Resolume.

Resolume Arena


High-speed download link

Resolume Arena 7.6 Full Active

Back link:

Veryfiles | Google Drive

(You can download the high speed link at Mostfiles)


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  1. Install the software by extracting it.
  2. After installation, exit the program.
  3. Copy the “Arena.exe file” into the Software Installation folder
  4. Run Arena7_KeyGen. Open the software. Select the “License Tab”. Copy the ID. Create a License Key file.
  5. The “License Tab” will remain open. Select the “Navigate to newly created.avr File and activate the Program”.
  6. Done.

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