Sandboxie Classic Plus 5.57.7 – Controlling software isolation

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Software Introduction 

Sandboxie Classic Plus is a program that acts as a secure area in which you can install applications, programs, and links suspected to contain dangerous viruses. Sandboxie prevents changes to your computer such as changing program settings or viruses, but only within a certain range of applications. . count.

Sandboxie Classic Plus

It is software that creates a virtual environment in which applications can run and be installed without impacting the computer’s hard drive or system. You can easily improve your safety while browsing the internet and sending emails by using a virtual environment.

Sandboxie Classic Plus – Main Features

  • Creates a safe environment for installation testing.

Sandboxie’s testing environment allows you to test any program that you don’t trust and that could pose a threat to your computer. 

  • Personal Data Management

Sandbox allows you to keep important documents and images private from prying eyes or prevents information from being revealed by professional hackers. It will create a safe, separate space and allow you to create lists and folders of important files. You won’t have to worry about them being accessed by others because they are hidden. Only you can access them.

  • Surf the Web securely.

Run programs within a sandbox in order to prevent unwanted software, spyware, viruses, and worms from permanently altering your computer.

Protect yourself and your business from various attacks ranging from banking trojans, ransomware and botnets

  • Manage privacy information in Web browsers.

Sandbox allows you to configure Web browsers, such as cookies and browsing history while browsing without affecting Windows data.

  • Secure email.

Sandboxie’s protection features ensure that emails containing harmful content for your computer will not be able to escape.

  • Reinstalling the software in a separate location will help you organize Windows data.

Sandbox comes with a well-documented and extensive settings menu. It also includes a guide for beginners. Keep in mind, that the program is not a replacement for antivirus software.

Download link for high-speed files from the home page

Sandboxie Classic Plus 64bit/32bit

Installing the product

Install and use



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