Sendblaster Pro 4.4 Full Key – Sending mass emails

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Introduction to

Sendblaster Pro allows you to create email campaigns and manage mailing lists in a few simple steps. SendBlaster is a combination of mass email software and a web-based mass email service. You can create and manage your lists on your desktop. On the other hand, a cloud-based email tracking service is available to improve and report on your email campaigns.

A good mass email campaign does not require expensive web-based software: you can handle it efficiently on your desktop, laptop or tablet. You can also manage and invest in every aspect of your mass email strategy while keeping your email list private. It’s safer, easier and more cost-effective.

SendBlaster is a mass mailing program that allows you to create beautiful emails that convert , and generate real profits. Only email people who have given you their permission to do so. This is the only way to legally run a email campaign. SendBlaster software for mass mailing is incredibly easy. Create customizable web forms on your website that allow users to register with a few simple clicks. Then, record the collected data into one or more lists and send individual messages.

Effective email marketing relies on thorough data analysis. SendBlaster’s and Google Analytics’ bulk email software can tell you if a customer, after reading your email, has bought a product or signed up for the website. SendBlaster also offers services. SendBlaster offers a free email statistics service. You can track your campaigns, and check the open rates, click-through rates, and other metrics.


  • Layout editor

    The new layout editor makes it easy to create new messages. Choose an email structure, then add headers, footers, or side columns. You can also choose colors and variations.

  • Optional HTML “edit source only” mode

    SendBlaster 4 allows experienced HTML designers to do what they want without visual editing, and still retain control of their source code. The HTML documents can be opened “source-only”, preserving all of the original code.

  • Classification of samples

    SendBlaster 4 includes a lot of new templates. The template browser now has categories to better organize templates.

  • Place the image

    Inline photo tools in the visual editor allow you to quickly and easily apply filters and effects. It’s not necessary to export images, use external utilities to process them, and then add the images back to the message. Just select the image, edit it, and see the results instantly.

  • New HTML tools

    SendBlaster 4 has a significantly improved HTML engine. The HTML output code has been improved and is more in line with current standards. The visual editor also preserves the HTML code.

  • New email templates

    Create professional-looking emails with a rich collection of templates. All email templates are easily customizable.

  • Custom Attachments

    SendBlaster Pro 4 lets you send different attachments to each recipient using programmable tags. You can also store the filename or attachment path in the database.

  • Integration of MailStyler

    MailStyler allows you to create responsive emails that are compatible with all clients using a drag-and-drop editor. SendBlaster will launch MailStyler if it’s installed. It will wait for it to close down and then load the message that you last exported.

  • Import existing.htm and.eml file

    You can import email messages from external files, such as HTML documents or existing files in.eml format. You can also create your emails with DreamWeaver or Outlook and then import them. You can import contacts from Gmail and other email services that allow users to download the contacts as a CSV file.

  • Programmable cards

    SendBlaster includes a powerful scripting tool for tags. These can be programmed in VBScript or Javascript, both of which are familiar to Office users. Tags may contain conditional or calculated output, random variations, customized attachments, and more.

  • Add Calendar Events to Your Messages

    SendBlaster Pro 4 allows you to create events and attach them to your emails in iCalendar format. When the recipient clicks on the attachment, it is added to the calendar.

  • Integrating JotForm

    JotForm, a popular platform to design beautiful forms that is fully integrated with major content management and procurement systems, allows you to create stunning forms. SendBlaster allows you to import and unsubscribe from your JotForm accounts by simply entering your login details.

  • Click the link

SendBlaster 3 extracts hidden links and allows you to check them in one click.

  • Easy integration with your website

It is extremely easy to insert mailing list management functions into your website thanks to the subscription/unsubscribe management functions and the ability to import data from a web source, allowing SendBlaster to manage to update lists and send the right emails to the right recipients.

  • Unsubscribe / Subscribe via Email or Web Form

SendBlaster is able to manage subscriptions and unsubscribes automatically, as well as build rights-based marketing campaigns via email (even without a website). Each list can be linked to an email address. When an email is sent with the subject “Subscribe” the sender will be added to the list. If you use “Unsubscribe”, the sender is removed (if previously subscribed). SendBlaster software updates the distribution list by downloading new emails from the POP3 email account.

  • Advanced-Data Filters

    Drag and drop is a great way to sort the list for all fields, or multiple fields.

  • Merge and move the list

    You can easily and quickly combine two or more lists or move a specific subset of contacts to another list using powerful rules.

  • Manage your blacklist by returning to the page.

    The original addresses are disabled or removed (instructions) and returns are automatically recognized. Define a list or domains that will be automatically excluded.

  • ReturnPath Address

    SendBlaster supports ReturnPath headers. This allows you to send bounces directly to an email address of your choice (instead the address of the sender or ReplyTo).

  • Lists/groups that can be sent to unlimited recipients

    SendBlaster can manage multiple distribution lists.

  • History of opting in and out

    The date of the check-in, deletion, and return requests is saved in a database, so that you can track, export, or reprocess them.

  • Sending mail to new contacts

    You can disable all contacts who were in an earlier message. You can then only send messages to those who have not yet received them.

  • Check for duplicate emails

    SendBlaster automatically filters out duplicates when sending.

    Sending mail in advance

    SendBlaster allows users to create a message, and then have it sent automatically at a later date and time. Users can “park” a message to launch it later manually. SendBlaster now runs in a minimized schedule mode, and starts when Windows begins.

    Previous letters completed

    Sendblaster records the emails/messages sent in the event of an interruption to the internet, computer crash, or paused sending. This allows you to send emails/messages again to avoid any potential problems. Duplicate messages.

    TrackReports Integration

    TrackReports is a service that allows you to view your email open and click rates and individual user information.


    Google Analytics Integration

    Google Analytics provides powerful tools to measure the open rate and the read time of your email campaigns.

    Database Maintenance

    SendBlaster includes a fully-integrated database engine that optimizes the size and performance your database on a regular basis.

Sendblaster Pro

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Sendblaster Pro Professional 4.4.2 Fully Active


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  1. Install the software by extracting it.
  2. After installation, exit the program.
  3. The Patched File will be copied to the Software Installation folder.
  4. Disconnect from the Internet and open the software.
  5. Enter the License Key in the Serial.txt file to activate the software.
  6. Done.

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