SoftPerfect Netscan Scanner 7.2.9 Full Key – Scan IP Address

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Software Introduction 

SoftPerfect Netscan or Netscan, is a free IP scanner that supports NetBIOS as well as SNMP. It has a simple user interface with many advanced features. This software is primarily used by system administrators, as well as ordinary users with a passion for security. This program scans TCP ports and shows the type of resources shared in the network.

SoftPerfect Network Scanner, on the other hand, allows you to mount both shared folders and network drives. You can browse them using Windows Explorer, filter results, etc. This tool can also be used to check ports that are defined by the user. This tool will report back whether a certain port is open. It can also detect and correct IP ranges and host names.

This highly configurable IPv4/IPv6 scan can streamline your network support process. SoftPerfect Network Scanning is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to learn more about computer security, or those who are involved in network maintenance.

SoftPerfect Scanner is able to ping computers, scan ports, explore shared folders, and retrieve virtually any information about network devices via WMI. SNMP. HTTP. SSH. It can also scan remote services, registry files, and performance counters. Flexible display and filtering features are available, and NetScan results can be exported to a range of formats, from XML up to JSON.

SoftPerfect Netscan

SoftPerfect Network Scanning: Key Features


  • Perform a ping scanner and display live devices.
  • Even routers can detect MAC addresses in hardware.
  • Discover hidden and writable shared folders.
  • It detects both internal and external IP addresses.
  • You can get any system information using WMI, remote registry, and file system.
  • Listen for TCP, UDP, and SNMP services.
  • Retrieve the currently logged-in user, configured accounts, uptime, and more.
  • Supports remote SSH command execution, PowerShell, and VBScript.
  • Launching third-party external applications
  • Support Wake-on-LAN, remote shutdown, and sending network messages.
  • Export results in HTML, XML JSON CSV TXT.
  • Integrate Nmap to discover OS, perform vulnerability testing, and much more.


Download the link for high-speed SoftPerfect Netscan

SoftPerfect Network Scanner 7.2.9 Full Active


Veryfiles | Google Drive

You can download this link at high speed at Veryfiles.


  1. Install and exit
  2. Click “Patch”, then select “Network Scanner”, and run the keygen.
  3. Fill out the fields.
  4. License/Edition :
  5. Click on “Generate”, create a Key, and then enter it in the software
  6. Done.


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