Sublime Text 3|2 Download | Installation Instructions

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1. Sublime Text 3|2 Overview

What doesSublime Text 3|2 mean? Sublime Text 3/2 is the world’s most popular and famous text editor. It’s built in C++ and uses open-source Python programming.

Developer: SublimeHQ
Author: Jon Skinner
Build languages: C++Python
The latest version, which was first released in 2008 is 3.2.11.
Versions: S and Sublime Text 3|2.

Sublime Text 3|2 provides excellent support to programmers. It allows you to build and edit projects quickly. Sublime Python suggests the syntax and statements of the programming languages very well, allowing code operations to be performed much faster. You do not need to type the entire structure keyword.

Other Software: Adobe Animate 2020 

Sublime Text supports most programming languages, including C/C++ HTML, CSS, Python Java, JavaScript C# Ruby, Android PHP Swift Objective C.

Who is the next Editor? Text Edit is a text editor for editing the source code in programming languages. You cannot test it on your Project!

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Why use Sublime Text 3?

Sublime Text 3, is a must-have for developers. It is similar to NotPad++. Edit code quickly and conveniently.
Sub Text 3:
This feature is similar to Sub Text 2!

  • All programming languages supported
  • Search and edit source code easily.
  • Colors that are easy to distinguish and beautiful.
  • Code, edit code with the self-recognition feature, the self-suggestions of keywords and the structure of the programming language.
  • The smart search engine allows you to easily find, search, and edit.
  • Sublime Text supports multiple plugins
  • Supports multiple parking controls for
  • But it’s not just that.

Sublime Text 3|2

2. Download Sublime text

The Text Editor is a very lightweight application, requiring only a few MB to run. It is available for download and use.

Link Download Sublime text

Windows 64-bit
Download Portable

Download Version 3.2.11 MacOsDownload

Download Version 3.2.11 of Linux
Download Linux 64 bit

Download Linux 32 bit


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