V-Ray for Next Maya v5.20 2018-2022 – 3D Rendering

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Software Introduction

Next Maya v5.20 V-Ray renders animations and visual effects in the most comprehensive way possible. Chaos(r), V-Ray(r), is designed and built to be fast and flexible for 3D artists. V-Ray is the perfect solution for any project.

This is used by leading studios around the world to render more than 300 TV shows and feature films. V-Ray received an Academy of Science and Technology Award in 2017 for its ray-tracing technology, which is used to create photo-realistic effects.


Software features Maya V-Ray Next

High-power rendering at any size.

Scale production rendering on multiple CPUs, graphics cards, or both. With distributed rendering, you can render an image across multiple machines.

Seamless Integration with Your Pipeline

V-Ray integrates seamlessly with Maya and the studio pipeline. V-Ray 5 now supports ACEScg, joining industry standards like Alembic OpenVDB and OpenColorIO. Maya plugins such as Golaem Massive Ornatrix Chaos Phoenix Yeti and Yeti are compatible.

Easy deployment and customization.

V-Ray can be easily deployed on any Windows, macOS, or Linux network. V-Ray’s licenses can be distributed centrally and locally. V-Ray Standalone allows for headless rendering on your render farm.

Vray for Maya includes two software development kits to customize your render workflow. You can, for example, write custom shaders using the Vray SDK in C++ or create custom pipeline tools using the V-Ray App SDK in Python.

Next Maya v5.20

High-speed download link

Download V-Ray for Maya 2018

V-Ray for Maya 2019, Download

Download Maya 2020 V-Ray

Download Maya 2022 V-Ray



Other Versions of Next Maya v5.20


  1. Remove the old version if it exists – do not overwrite the older version
  2. Install license service.
  3. After installation, exit the program.
  4. “cgauth.dll”, copy it to the path below:                                                                                                                C:\Program Files\Chaos Group\V-Ray\V-Ray for SketchUp\extension\vrayappsdk\bin
  5. Done.

Please read the Readme file for details. File


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