VariCAD 2022 v2.02 Full Key – 3D / 2D CAD software

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Software introduction:

VariCAD 2022 is a comprehensive 3D/2D CAD software primarily for mechanical engineering design that allows designers to quickly create, evaluate, and modify their models. It has been carefully designed and tuned to reflect a designer’s thought process so that ideas can be captured and communicated with a minimal number of steps. All commands are created with a focus on ease of use.

VariCAD’s graphical user interface (GUI) has been designed to enable fast and intuitive 3D/2D orientation. 3D models are easily converted into 2D drawings to create common drafting documents. You can create 2D views of one or more selected solids by defining views in 3D. In addition, you can also export specified sections. VariCAD supports updating 2D drawings after changes in 3D.

VariCAD contains a library of standard mechanical parts (ANSI, DIN, JIS), such as bolts, nuts, pins, plugs, cotton, washers, bearings, roll and drawing shapes, and symbols. hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric. VariCAD provides a library of basic 3D shapes ( like boxes, cylinders, cones, etc. ), which are easy to modify by editing their dimensions.

VariCAD 2022 can exchange files with other CAD systems. You can export STEP (3D), STL (3D), IGES (3D), DWG (2D), and DXF (2D) files and import STEP (3D), DWG (2D), and DXF (2D). Files can be converted individually or in a batch process, thus converting multiple files in one step.

VariCAD can calculate 2D cross-sectional area, surface area, volume, mass, center of gravity, and moment of inertia. Calculation of mechanical parts is also included – for standard parts used every day by mechanical designers. Calculations for tension and compression springs, prestressed bolt connections, parallel pins and locks, slotted shafts, bearings, beams subjected to combined stress (bending and torsion), bevel gear geometry and taper, and belt drive.

The drawing functions are optimized for ease of use in engineering. Some of the handy features of 2D drawing include automatic object and snap point detection, multiple snap modes, auxiliary construction lines, Ortho mode, rectangular mesh, drawing layers, contouring, expanded with automatic contour detection, advanced dimensioning, finishing symbols, welding symbols, tolerance symbols, and many more. You can draw in millimeters or inches.


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Main features of VariCAD 2022

VariCAD is compact, fast, easy to use, and offers everything you need for mechanical design. The system includes:

  • 3d model
  • Drawing and editing 2D
  • Support optional parameters
  • Optional support of geometry constraints
  • Modeling shells, pipes, wires
  • Check for problems (Intervention)
  • 3D . combinations and groups
  • Surface Development (Non-Bending Metal Sheet)
  • Mechanics and Symbols Library
  • Calculate 3D objects or 2D parts
  • BOM and Header Block
  • VariCAD is available in English, German, Czech, Portuguese, and Japanese versions. For data exchange, VariCAD uses STEP, STL, IGES, DWG and DXF file formats. The system fully supports Unicode.

VariCAD 2022


1 – Extract and install the software

2 – Run Keygen to create your own License key to activate the software

3 – Completed.

Should block software with Firewall. (option)

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