Virtual Audio Cable (VAC) 4.67 – Switch audio between devices

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Software Introduction

Virtual Audio Cable 4.67 is a bridge that allows audio to be transmitted from one application to the next, or from one device to the other. VAC creates virtual devices. Each device emulates a card whose output is connected internally to the input. This creates a loop. The sound is not heard if an application outputs audio because it is being repeated into the input. If another application records the input sound, it will hear the sound created by the first application.

The VAC transmits audio signals entirely within the computer. Audio hardware is not required. There is no quality loss (if it’s not due to volume control or format conversion). Audio transmission is perfect if all conditions are met. Signal latency in well-tuned systems is extremely low.

VAC offers an Audio Repeater Application to transfer/route audio signals from one endpoint device (device) into another endpoint device (device).

Virtual Audio Cable: Outstanding Features

Use VAC for the following audio applications or application classes:

  • Internet Telephony (VoIP) / Voice Messengers (Skype Discord Ventrilo MicroSIP).
  • Live mixing/DJ (vMix Mix VirtualDJ VoiceMeeter Banana/potato)
  • Live Streaming (Open Broadcaster / OBS Studio, WireCast, VidBlasterX. SAM Broadcaster).
  • Speech synthesis/recognition (Google Text-to-Speech / Speech-to-Text, Dragon Natural Speaking).
  • Software synthesizers and studio DAWs (Ableton Acid, AudioMulch Band-in-a-Box Bidule Cakewalk/Sonar Cubase FL Studio GarageBand Logic MiniMoog n-Track Nuendo Reaktor REAPER Reason Amplitude Traktor Vegas Vegas)
  • Audio editor/recorder: Audacity (Adobe Audition), WaveLab, GoldWave, and Sound Forge.
  • Virtual machines (VMware Player/Workstation VirtualBox Hyper-V)
  • Amateur radio and software-defined (PowerSDR, HAM Radio Deluxe, HamSphere, HDSDR, Fldigi, SDR Radio, WSJT – X, JTDX).
  • Create an audio application: view the audio activity of the application, listen to the audio, and provide the specific data you want to be recorded.

Virtual Audio Cable 4.67

High-speed download link

Virtual Audio Cable 4.67 Full-Active



(You can download the high-speed link at Mostfiles)

Another Version

Virtual Audio Cable 4.66 Full Active

Other Software: MediaMonkey Gold 5.0.3


Install the software by unzipping it.


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