WinHex Forensics v20.3 SR5 – Computer Data Recovery

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Software Introduction 

WinHex Forensics, at its core, is a universal hexadecimal text editor. It is especially useful for computer forensics and data recovery, low-level processing, and IT security. A powerful tool that can be used for daily and urgent tasks: edit and check all types of files; recover lost or deleted data from hard disks with damaged files systems, or digital camera cards. Features are dependent on License Type ( Compare license type), including:

Features WinHex Forensics Software


  • Disc editor for hard disk, floppy, CD-ROM & DVD, ZIP, Smart Media, Compact Flash, etc.
  • Native support for Ext2/3/4, Next3(r), CDFS, UDF, FAT12/16/32 and NTFS.
  • Interpretation of dynamic disks and RAID systems in a single integrated system
  • Various data recovery techniques
  • RAM Editor is a tool that allows you to access the RAM of your computer and the virtual memory of any other process.
  • The data interpreter knows 20 data types
  • Use templates to edit data structures (e.g. Repair partition table/boot sectors
  • Merge and split files by combining and splitting odd and even words/bytes
  • Compare and analyze files
  • Search and Replace function with extreme flexibility
  • Disk Clone in DOS (with X-Ways Replica)
  • Drive images and backups can be compressed or split up into 650MB archives.
  • Scripts and programming interfaces
  • Hash (MD5, SHA-1 …)
  • Clean your hard drive and delete confidential files to protect privacy.
  • All clipboard formats are supported, including. ASCII value
  • You can convert between binary, ASCII hex, Intel Hex, Motorola WILL, and other formats.
  • Character set: ANSI ASCII (EBCDIC), IBM ASCII (EBCDIC), Unicode
  • Instant window switching Printing. Random number generator.
  • Supports files in any size. Fast. Easy to use. The help program is extensive.

WinHex Forensics

High-speed download link

WinHex Forensics v20.3 SR5 Portable Full Active


Veryfiles | Google Drive

(You can download the high-speed link at Mostfiles)

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Veryfiles | Google Drive


  1. Installing WinHex Forensics v20.0 SR-7 Version (x86/x64).
  2. Install the software by extracting it.
  3. After installation, exit the program.
  4. The Patched File will be copied to the Software Installation folder.
  5. Done.

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